PrimitivePatch Directory Reference
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file  PrimitivePatch.C [code]
file  PrimitivePatch.H [code]
file  PrimitivePatchAddressing.C [code]
 This function calculates the list of patch edges, defined on the list of points supporting the patch. The edges are ordered:
file  PrimitivePatchBdryPoints.C [code]
file  PrimitivePatchCheck.C [code]
 Checks topology of the patch.
file  PrimitivePatchClear.C [code]
file  PrimitivePatchEdgeLoops.C [code]
 Create the list of loops of outside vertices. Goes wrong on multiply connected edges (loops will be unclosed).
file  PrimitivePatchLocalPointOrder.C [code]
 Orders the local points on the patch for most efficient search.
file  PrimitivePatchMeshData.C [code]
file  PrimitivePatchMeshEdges.C [code]
file  PrimitivePatchName.C [code]
file  PrimitivePatchPointAddressing.C [code]
 Point addressing on the patch: pointEdges and pointFaces.
file  PrimitivePatchProjectPoints.C [code]
 For every point on the patch find the closest face on the target side. Return a target face label for each patch point.