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HashTableCore Struct Reference

Template-invariant bits for HashTable. More...

Inherited by HashTable< T, Key, Hash >, HashTable< autoPtr< aspectRatioModel >, phasePairKey, phasePairKey::hash >, HashTable< autoPtr< BlendedInterfacialModel< dragModel > >, phasePairKey, phasePairKey::hash >, HashTable< autoPtr< BlendedInterfacialModel< heatTransferModel > >, phasePairKey, phasePairKey::hash >, HashTable< autoPtr< BlendedInterfacialModel< liftModel > >, phasePairKey, phasePairKey::hash >, HashTable< autoPtr< BlendedInterfacialModel< turbulentDispersionModel > >, phasePairKey, phasePairKey::hash >, HashTable< autoPtr< BlendedInterfacialModel< virtualMassModel > >, phasePairKey, phasePairKey::hash >, HashTable< autoPtr< BlendedInterfacialModel< wallLubricationModel > >, phasePairKey, phasePairKey::hash >, HashTable< autoPtr< blendingMethod >, word, word::hash >, HashTable< autoPtr< interfaceCompositionModel >, phasePairKey, phasePairKey::hash >, HashTable< autoPtr< phasePair >, phasePairKey, phasePairKey::hash >, HashTable< autoPtr< surfaceTensionModel >, phasePairKey, phasePairKey::hash >, HashTable< const Foam::cellModel *>, HashTable< const GeometricField< Type, fvPatchField, volMesh > *>, HashTable< DataType, KeyType >, HashTable< Foam::autoPtr< Foam::blendingMethod >, Foam::word, word::hash >, HashTable< Foam::autoPtr< Foam::interfaceCompositionModel > >, HashTable< Foam::dimensioned, Foam::word, word::hash >, HashTable< Foam::ensightMesh::nFacePrimitives >, HashTable< Foam::entry *>, HashTable< Foam::List, Foam::edge, Foam::Hash< Foam::edge > >, HashTable< Foam::List, Foam::word >, HashTable< Foam::List< label >, Foam::word, Foam::string::hash >, HashTable< Foam::phase *>, HashTable< Foam::phaseModel *>, HashTable< Foam::string >, HashTable< Foam::word >, HashTable< HashTable< autoPtr< BlendedInterfacialModel< heatTransferModel > > >, phasePairKey, phasePairKey::hash >, HashTable< HashTable< autoPtr< BlendedInterfacialModel< massTransferModel > > >, phasePairKey, phasePairKey::hash >, HashTable< int >, HashTable< interfaceThetaProps, multiphaseMixtureThermo::interfacePair, multiphaseMixtureThermo::interfacePair::hash >, HashTable< label >, HashTable< label, extendedFeatureEdgeMesh::edgeStatus >, HashTable< label, FixedList< label, 2 >, FixedList< label, 2 >::Hash<> >, HashTable< label, Foam::edge, Foam::Hash< Foam::edge > >, HashTable< label, Foam::word >, HashTable< label, labelPair, typename labelPair::Hash<> >, HashTable< labelList, edge, Hash< edge > >, HashTable< List< specieElement > >, HashTable< nil, Key, Hash >, HashTable< nil, label, Hash< label > >, HashTable< phase >, HashTable< phaseModel *>, HashTable< regIOobject *>, HashTable< scalar >, HashTable< scalar, interfacePair, interfacePair::hash >, HashTable< scalar, interfacePair, interfacePair::symmHash >, HashTable< scalar, phasePairKey, phasePairKey::hash >, HashTable< simpleObjectRegistryEntry *>, HashTable< T *, Key, Hash >, HashTable< T *>, HashTable< T, edge, Hash< edge > >, HashTable< T, Key, Foam::Hash >, HashTable< T, label, Hash< label > >, and HashTable< wordList >.


struct  iteratorEnd
 A zero-sized end iterator. More...

Public Member Functions

 HashTableCore ()
 Construct null. More...
 ClassName ("HashTable")
 Define template name and debug. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static label canonicalSize (const label)
 Return a canonical (power-of-two) size. More...
static iteratorEnd cend ()
 iteratorEnd set to beyond the end of any HashTable More...
static iteratorEnd end ()
 iteratorEnd set to beyond the end of any HashTable More...

Static Public Attributes

static const label maxTableSize
 Maximum allowable table size. More...

Detailed Description

Template-invariant bits for HashTable.

Definition at line 80 of file HashTable.H.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ HashTableCore()

HashTableCore ( )

Construct null.

Definition at line 89 of file HashTable.H.

References HashTableCore::ClassName().

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◆ canonicalSize()

Foam::label canonicalSize ( const label  size)

Return a canonical (power-of-two) size.

Definition at line 47 of file HashTableCore.C.

Referenced by HashTableCore::end().

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◆ ClassName()

ClassName ( "HashTable"  )

Define template name and debug.

Referenced by HashTableCore::HashTableCore().

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◆ cend()

static iteratorEnd cend ( )

◆ end()

static iteratorEnd end ( )

iteratorEnd set to beyond the end of any HashTable

Definition at line 110 of file HashTable.H.

References HashTableCore::canonicalSize(), HashTableCore::iteratorEnd::iteratorEnd(), and Foam::T().

Referenced by distribution::add(), cellTable::addCellZones(), faceZoneSet::addSet(), enrichedPatch::calcEnrichedFaces(), cellMatcher::calcLocalFaces(), createShellMesh::calcPointRegions(), GAMGAgglomeration::calculateRegionMaster(), primitiveMesh::checkFaceFaces(), patchPatchDist::correct(), cyclicPolyPatch::coupledEdges(), meshRefinement::createZoneBaffles(), cyclicACMIGAMGInterface::cyclicACMIGAMGInterface(), cyclicAMIGAMGInterface::cyclicAMIGAMGInterface(), cyclicGAMGInterface::cyclicGAMGInterface(), faceZoneSet::deleteSet(), hexRef8::faceLevel(), objectRegistry::foundObject(), snappySnapDriver::getZoneSurfacePoints(), distributedTriSurfaceMesh::globalSize(), polyBoundaryMesh::groupPatchIDs(), HashPtrTable< ThermoType >::HashPtrTable(), distribution::insertMissingKeys(), fvMeshSubset::interpolate(), lduPrimitiveMesh::lduPrimitiveMesh(), zone::localID(), IOobjectList::lookup(), objectRegistry::lookupObject(), basicThermo::lookupThermo(), fvMeshAdder::MapDimFields(), Foam::MapGeometricFields(), fvMeshAdder::MapSurfaceFields(), fvMeshAdder::MapVolFields(), polyBoundaryMesh::matchGroups(), PatchTools::matchPoints(), polyMeshAdder::mergePoints(), globalMeshData::mergePoints(), polyTopoChange::modifyFace(), slidingInterface::modifyMotionPoints(), polyTopoChange::modifyPoint(), cellTable::name(), NamedEnum< directionType, 3 >::names(), polyBoundaryMesh::neighbourEdges(), isNotEqOp< T >::operator()(), minEqOpFace::operator()(), minEqOp< labelPair >::operator()(), HashTable< Foam::phase *>::operator()(), HashTable< Foam::phase *>::operator[](), Foam::parseNASCoord(), PatchTools::pointNormals(), fvMeshDistribute::printCoupleInfo(), processorGAMGInterface::processorGAMGInterface(), OBJsurfaceFormat< Face >::read(), NASsurfaceFormat< Face >::read(), STARCDsurfaceFormat< Face >::read(), STARCD::readBoundary(), Foam::readUniformFields(), regionCoupledBaseGAMGInterface::regionCoupledBaseGAMGInterface(), IOobjectList::remove(), cellTable::setName(), duplicatePoints::setRefinement(), tetDecomposer::setRefinement(), edgeCollapser::setRefinement(), combineFaces::setUnrefinement(), UnsortedMeshedSurface< Face >::sortedZones(), faceZoneSet::subset(), surfaceFeatures::surfaceFeatures(), syncTools::syncEdgeList(), syncTools::syncEdgeMap(), syncTools::syncPointList(), syncTools::syncPointMap(), boundaryCutter::updateMesh(), hexRef8::updateMesh(), meshReader::warnDuplicates(), ZoneMesh< cellZone, polyMesh >::whichZone(), regionSizeDistribution::write(), and TRIsurfaceFormatCore::~TRIsurfaceFormatCore().

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Member Data Documentation

◆ maxTableSize

const Foam::label maxTableSize

Maximum allowable table size.

Definition at line 86 of file HashTable.H.

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