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 if (simple.consistent())
const volScalarField rAU ("rAU", 1.0/UEqn.A())
const surfaceScalarField rhorAUf ("rhorAUf", fvc::interpolate(rho *rAU))
tmp< volScalarField > rAtU (simple.consistent() ? volScalarField::New("rAtU", 1.0/(1.0/rAU - UEqn.H1())) :tmp< volScalarField >(nullptr))
tmp< surfaceScalarField > rhorAtUf (simple.consistent() ? surfaceScalarField::New("rhoRAtUf", fvc::interpolate(rho *rAtU())) :tmp< surfaceScalarField >(nullptr))
volVectorField HbyA (constrainHbyA(rAU *UEqn.H(), U, p))
tUEqn clear ()
surfaceScalarField phiHbyA ("phiHbyA", fvc::interpolate(rho) *fvc::flux(HbyA))
MRF makeRelative (fvc::interpolate(rho), phiHbyA)
 constrainPressure (p, rho, U, phiHbyA, rhorAAtUf, MRF)
 while (simple.correctNonOrthogonal())
p relax ()
U correctBoundaryConditions ()
fvOptions correct (U)
pressureControl limit (p)
 if (closedVolume &&!thermo.incompressible())
 if (!simple.transonic())


const volScalarField & rAAtU = simple.consistent() ? rAtU() : rAU
const surfaceScalarField & rhorAAtUf
bool closedVolume = false
 U = HbyA - rAAtU*fvc::grad(p)
 rho = thermo.rho()

Function Documentation

◆ if() [1/3]

if ( simple.  consistent())

Definition at line 1 of file pEqn.H.

References Foam::fvc::interpolate(), Foam::compressible::New(), rAtU(), rAU, rho, rhorAtUf(), rhorAUf(), simple(), thermo, and UEqn.

Here is the call graph for this function:

◆ rAU()

const volScalarField rAU ( "rAU"  ,
1.0/UEqn.  A() 

◆ rhorAUf()

const surfaceScalarField rhorAUf ( "rhorAUf"  ,
fvc::interpolate(rho *rAU  

◆ rAtU()

tmp<volScalarField> rAtU ( simple.  consistent) ? volScalarField::New("rAtU", 1.0/(1.0/rAU - UEqn.H1())) :tmp< volScalarField >(nullptr)

◆ rhorAtUf()

tmp<surfaceScalarField> rhorAtUf ( simple.  consistent) ? surfaceScalarField::New("rhoRAtUf", fvc::interpolate(rho *rAtU())) :tmp< surfaceScalarField >(nullptr)

◆ HbyA()

volVectorField HbyA ( constrainHbyA(rAU *UEqn.H(), U, p )

◆ clear()

tUEqn clear ( )

Referenced by ILList< LListBase, T >::clear(), HashPtrTable< T, label, Hash< label > >::clear(), DictionaryBase< DLPtrList< T >, T >::clear(), LPtrList< LListBase, T >::clear(), ZoneMesh< cellZone, polyMesh >::clear(), wordRe::clear(), LList< Foam::chemPointISAT< CompType, ThermoType > *>::clear(), DynamicList< Foam::Tensor >::clearStorage(), HashTable< Pair< autoPtr< interfaceCompositionModel > >, phasePairKey, phasePairKey::hash >::clearStorage(), DSMCCloud< ParcelType >::DSMCCloud(), fieldExpression::execute(), fieldsExpression::execute(), patch::expire(), sampledSurfaces::triSurfaceMesh::expire(), dictionary::isNull(), moleculeCloud::moleculeCloud(), HashPtrTable< T, label, Hash< label > >::operator=(), UILList< LListBase, T >::operator=(), tmp< Foam::surfaceInterpolationScheme< GType > >::operator=(), LPtrList< LListBase, T >::operator=(), keyType::operator=(), LList< Foam::chemPointISAT< CompType, ThermoType > *>::operator=(), Matrix< RectangularMatrix< Type >, Type >::operator=(), HashTable< Pair< autoPtr< interfaceCompositionModel > >, phasePairKey, phasePairKey::hash >::operator=(), MeshedSurface< Foam::face >::operator=(), extendedEdgeMeshFormat::read(), NASedgeFormat::read(), extendedFeatureEdgeMeshFormat::read(), OBJsurfaceFormat< Face >::read(), GTSsurfaceFormat< Face >::read(), NASsurfaceFormat< Face >::read(), OFFsurfaceFormat< Face >::read(), AC3DsurfaceFormat< Face >::read(), VTKsurfaceFormat< Face >::read(), TRIsurfaceFormat< Face >::read(), STARCDsurfaceFormat< Face >::read(), edgeMeshFormat::read(), OFSsurfaceFormat< Face >::read(), STLsurfaceFormat< Face >::read(), MeshedSurface< Foam::face >::read(), GeometricField< Type, PatchField, GeoMesh >::Boundary::readField(), UPtrList< Foam::diameterModels::velocityGroup >::setSize(), PtrList< transferModel >::setSize(), List< Field< scalar > >::setSize(), PtrList< transferModel >::shuffle(), PtrList< transferModel >::transfer(), LPtrList< LListBase, T >::transfer(), LList< Foam::chemPointISAT< CompType, ThermoType > *>::transfer(), List< Field< scalar > >::transfer(), Matrix< RectangularMatrix< Type >, Type >::transfer(), HashTable< Pair< autoPtr< interfaceCompositionModel > >, phasePairKey, phasePairKey::hash >::transfer(), MeshedSurface< Foam::face >::transfer(), autoPtr< Function1< tensor > >::~autoPtr(), HashPtrTable< T, label, Hash< label > >::~HashPtrTable(), HashTable< Pair< autoPtr< interfaceCompositionModel > >, phasePairKey, phasePairKey::hash >::~HashTable(), LList< Foam::chemPointISAT< CompType, ThermoType > *>::~LList(), LPtrList< LListBase, T >::~LPtrList(), objectRegistry::~objectRegistry(), and tmp< Foam::surfaceInterpolationScheme< GType > >::~tmp().

◆ phiHbyA()

surfaceScalarField phiHbyA ( "phiHbyA"  ,
fvc::interpolate(rho) *fvc::flux(HbyA  

◆ makeRelative()

MRF makeRelative ( fvc::interpolate(rho ,

◆ constrainPressure()

constrainPressure ( p  ,
rho  ,
U  ,
phiHbyA  ,
rhorAAtUf  ,

◆ while()

while ( simple.  correctNonOrthogonal())

Definition at line 97 of file pEqn.H.

References Foam::fvc::div(), fvOptions, Foam::fvc::laplacian(), p, phi, phiHbyA, pressureControl, psi, rho, and simple().

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◆ relax()

p relax ( )

◆ correctBoundaryConditions()

U correctBoundaryConditions ( )

◆ correct()

fvOptions correct ( U  )

◆ limit()

pressureControl limit ( p  )

◆ if() [2/3]

if ( closedVolume &&!thermo.  incompressible())

Definition at line 135 of file pEqn.H.

References Foam::fvc::domainIntegrate(), initialMass, p, and psi.

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◆ if() [3/3]

if ( !simple.  transonic())

Definition at line 144 of file pEqn.H.

References rho.

Variable Documentation

◆ rAAtU

const volScalarField& rAAtU = simple.consistent() ? rAtU() : rAU

Definition at line 22 of file pEqn.H.

◆ rhorAAtUf

const surfaceScalarField& rhorAAtUf
Initial value:
simple.consistent() ? rhorAtUf() : rhorAUf
tmp< surfaceScalarField > rhorAtUf(pimple.consistent() ? surfaceScalarField::New("rhoRAtUf", fvc::interpolate(rho *rAtU())) :tmp< surfaceScalarField >(nullptr))
surfaceScalarField rhorAUf("rhorAUf", fvc::interpolate(rho *rAU))
simpleControl simple(mesh)

Definition at line 23 of file pEqn.H.

◆ closedVolume

bool closedVolume = false

Definition at line 38 of file pEqn.H.

◆ else

Initial value:
Definition: pEqn.H:50
bool closedVolume
Definition: pEqn.H:38
Definition: pEqn.H:32
adjustPhi(phiHbyA, Urel, p)
Definition: pEqn.H:72

Definition at line 88 of file pEqn.H.

◆ U

U = HbyA - rAAtU*fvc::grad(p)

Definition at line 127 of file pEqn.H.

◆ rho

rho = thermo.rho()

Definition at line 142 of file pEqn.H.