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file  alphavPsi.H [code]
file  cavitatingFoam.C [code]
 Transient cavitation code based on the homogeneous equilibrium model from which the compressibility of the liquid/vapour "mixture" is obtained, with optional mesh motion and mesh topology changes.
file  continuityErrs.H [code]
file  correctPhi.H [code]
file  CourantNo.H [code]
 Calculates and outputs the mean and maximum Courant Numbers.
file  createControls.H [code]
file  createFields.H [code]
file  createPcorrTypes.H [code]
file  pEqn.H [code]
file  readControls.H [code]
file  readThermodynamicProperties.H [code]
file  rhoEqn.H [code]
file  setDeltaT.H [code]
 Reset the timestep to maintain a constant maximum courant Number. Reduction of time-step is immediate but increase is damped to avoid unstable oscillations.
file  setInitialDeltaT.H [code]
 Set the initial timestep corresponding to the timestep adjustment algorithm in setDeltaT.
file  UEqn.H [code]