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volScalarField rAU (1.0/UEqn.A())
surfaceScalarField rhorAUf ("rhorAUf", fvc::interpolate(rho *rAU))
volVectorField HbyA (constrainHbyA(rAU *UEqn.H(), U, p))
surfaceScalarField phiGradp (rhorAUf *mesh.magSf() *fvc::snGrad(p))
volScalarField rho0 (rho - psi *p)
 while (pimple.correctNonOrthogonal())
p correctBoundaryConditions ()


 phi = fvc::flux(HbyA) + rhorAUf*fvc::ddtCorr(U, phi, Uf)
Info<< "Predicted p max-min : "<< max(p).value()<< " "<< min(p).value()<< endl;rho==max(rho0+psi *p, rhoMin);# 1 "/home/ubuntu/OpenFOAM-7/applications/solvers/multiphase/cavitatingFoam/alphavPsi.H" 1{ alphav=max(min((rho - rholSat)/(rhovSat - rholSat), scalar(1)), scalar(0));alphal=1.0 - alphav;Info<< "max-min alphav: "<< max(alphav).value()<< " "<< min(alphav).value()<< endl;psiModel-> correct ()

Function Documentation

◆ rAU()

volScalarField rAU ( 1.0/UEqn.  A())

◆ rhorAUf()

surfaceScalarField rhorAUf ( "rhorAUf"  ,
fvc::interpolate(rho *rAU  

◆ HbyA()

volVectorField HbyA ( constrainHbyA(rAU *UEqn.H(), U, p )

◆ phiGradp()

surfaceScalarField phiGradp ( rhorAUf *mesh.  magSf) *fvc::snGrad(p)

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◆ rho0()

volScalarField rho0 ( rho - psi p)

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◆ while()

while ( pimple.  correctNonOrthogonal())

Definition at line 27 of file pEqn.H.

References Foam::correction(), Foam::fvc::ddt(), Foam::fvc::div(), Foam::endl(), Foam::Info, Foam::fvc::laplacian(), Foam::max(), Foam::min(), p, phiGradp(), pimple, psi, rho, rho0(), rhof(), and rhorAUf().

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◆ correctBoundaryConditions()

p correctBoundaryConditions ( )

Variable Documentation

◆ phi

phi = fvc::flux(HbyA) + rhorAUf*fvc::ddtCorr(U, phi, Uf)

Definition at line 18 of file pEqn.H.

Referenced by forAllConstIter(), forAllIter(), if(), and while().

◆ correct

radiation correct ( )

Definition at line 68 of file pEqn.H.

Referenced by porosityModel::addResistance(), interRegionHeatTransferModel::addSup(), Chung::Chung(), Foam::MULES::correct(), PaSR< ReactionThermo >::correct(), linearViscousStress< RASModel< BasicTurbulenceModel > >::correct(), eddyViscosity< RASModel< BasicTurbulenceModel > >::correct(), DeardorffDiffStress< BasicTurbulenceModel >::correct(), ReynoldsStress< RASModel< BasicTurbulenceModel > >::correct(), Poisson::correct(), laminarModel< BasicTurbulenceModel >::correct(), kOmega< BasicTurbulenceModel >::correct(), kEpsilon< EddyDiffusivity< compressible::turbulenceModel > >::correct(), LaunderSharmaKE< BasicTurbulenceModel >::correct(), RNGkEpsilon< BasicTurbulenceModel >::correct(), SSG< BasicTurbulenceModel >::correct(), realizableKE< BasicTurbulenceModel >::correct(), SpalartAllmaras< BasicTurbulenceModel >::correct(), LRR< BasicTurbulenceModel >::correct(), kEpsilonLopesdaCosta< BasicTurbulenceModel >::correct(), LESModel< BasicTurbulenceModel >::correct(), RASModel< EddyDiffusivity< phaseCompressibleTurbulenceModel > >::correct(), advectionDiffusion::correct(), mixtureKEpsilon< BasicTurbulenceModel >::correct(), v2f< BasicTurbulenceModel >::correct(), kOmegaSST< LESeddyViscosity< BasicTurbulenceModel >, BasicTurbulenceModel >::correct(), for(), if(), linear::linear(), meshStructure::meshStructure(), sampledSets::movePoints(), patchDataWave< TransferType >::patchDataWave(), patchPatchDist::patchPatchDist(), pointPatchDist::pointPatchDist(), primitiveMeshGeometry::primitiveMeshGeometry(), sampledSets::readUpdate(), StandardChemistryModel< CompType, ThermoType >::solve(), TDACChemistryModel< CompType, ThermoType >::solve(), strainRateFunction::strainRateFunction(), sampledSets::updateMesh(), wallDistData< TransferType >::wallDistData(), Wallis::Wallis(), and optionList::~optionList().

◆ p

Initial value:
- alphal*rhol0
- ((alphav*psiv + alphal*psil) - psi)*pSat
Definition: pEqn.H:1
Definition: alphavPsi.H:12
const volScalarField & psi

Definition at line 53 of file pEqn.H.