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word dictName ("noiseDict")
 if (args.optionFound("dict"))
IOdictionary dict (IOobject(dictName, runTime.system(), runTime, IOobject::MUST_READ))


scalar pRef = dict.lookupOrDefault("pRef", 0.0)
label N = dict.lookupOrDefault("N", 65536)
label nw = dict.lookupOrDefault("nw", 100)
scalar f1 = dict.lookupOrDefault("f1", 25.0)
scalar fU = dict.lookupOrDefault("fU", 10000.0)
word graphFormat = dict.lookupOrDefault<word>("graphFormat", "raw")

Function Documentation

word dictName ( "noiseDict"  )
if ( args.  optionFound"dict")

Definition at line 2 of file createFields.H.

References args, dict(), and dictName().

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IOdictionary dict ( IOobject(dictName, runTime.system(), runTime, IOobject::MUST_READ)  )

Referenced by if().

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Variable Documentation

scalar pRef = dict.lookupOrDefault("pRef", 0.0)
label N = dict.lookupOrDefault("N", 65536)
label nw = dict.lookupOrDefault("nw", 100)
scalar f1 = dict.lookupOrDefault("f1", 25.0)
scalar fU = dict.lookupOrDefault("fU", 10000.0)

Definition at line 31 of file createFields.H.

word graphFormat = dict.lookupOrDefault<word>("graphFormat", "raw")

Definition at line 34 of file createFields.H.

Referenced by Foam::makeGraph(), Foam::writeCellGraph(), and Foam::writePatchGraph().