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setRDeltaT.H File Reference

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scalar maxCo (readScalar(pimpleDict.lookup("maxCo")))
scalar maxDeltaT (pimpleDict.lookupOrDefault< scalar >("maxDeltaT", GREAT))
scalar rDeltaTSmoothingCoeff (pimpleDict.lookupOrDefault< scalar >("rDeltaTSmoothingCoeff", 0.1))
scalar rDeltaTDampingCoeff (pimpleDict.lookupOrDefault< scalar >("rDeltaTDampingCoeff", 0.2))
scalar alphaTemp (pimpleDict.lookupOrDefault("alphaTemp", 0.05))


const dictionary & pimpleDict = pimple.dict()

Detailed Description

Original source file setRDeltaT.H

Definition in file setRDeltaT.H.

Function Documentation

scalar maxCo ( readScalar(pimpleDict.lookup("maxCo"))  )
scalar maxDeltaT ( pimpleDict.lookupOrDefault< scalar >  "maxDeltaT", GREAT)
scalar rDeltaTSmoothingCoeff ( pimpleDict.lookupOrDefault< scalar >  "rDeltaTSmoothingCoeff", 0.1)
scalar rDeltaTDampingCoeff ( pimpleDict.lookupOrDefault< scalar >  "rDeltaTDampingCoeff", 0.2)
scalar alphaTemp ( pimpleDict.  lookupOrDefault"alphaTemp", 0.05)

Variable Documentation

const dictionary& pimpleDict = pimple.dict()

Definition at line 29 of file setRDeltaT.H.