cvControls Class Reference

Controls for the conformalVoronoiMesh mesh generator. More...

Public Member Functions

 cvControls (const dictionary &foamyHexMeshDict)
 Construct from references to conformalVoronoiMesh and dictionary. More...
 cvControls (const cvControls &)=delete
 Disallow default bitwise copy construction. More...
 ~cvControls ()
 Destructor. More...
const dictionaryfoamyHexMeshDict () const
 Return the foamyHexMeshDict. More...
scalar pointPairDistanceCoeff () const
 Return the pointPairDistanceCoeff. More...
scalar mixedFeaturePointPPDistanceCoeff () const
 Return the mixedFeaturePointPPDistanceCoeff. More...
scalar featurePointExclusionDistanceCoeff () const
 Return the featurePointExclusionDistanceCoeff. More...
scalar featureEdgeExclusionDistanceCoeff () const
 Return the featureEdgeExclusionDistanceCoeff. More...
Switch guardFeaturePoints () const
Switch edgeAiming () const
Switch snapFeaturePoints () const
Switch circulateEdges () const
scalar surfacePtExclusionDistanceCoeff () const
 Return the surfacePtExclusionDistanceCoeff. More...
Switch specialiseFeaturePoints () const
 Return whether to use specialised feature points. More...
scalar surfaceSearchDistanceCoeff () const
 Return the surfaceSearchDistanceCoeff. More...
scalar maxSurfaceProtrusionCoeff () const
 Return the maxSurfaceProtrusionCoeff. More...
scalar maxQuadAngle () const
 Return the maxQuadAngle. More...
label surfaceConformationRebuildFrequency () const
 Return the surfaceConformationRebuildFrequency. More...
scalar edgeSearchDistCoeffSqr () const
 Return the edgeSearchDistCoeffSqr for conformation. More...
scalar surfacePtReplaceDistCoeffSqr () const
 Return the surfacePtReplaceDistCoeffSqr for conformation. More...
label maxConformationIterations () const
 Return the maxConformationIterations. More...
scalar iterationToInitialHitRatioLimit () const
 Return the iterationToInitialHitRatioLimit. More...
scalar defaultCellSize () const
 Return the defaultCellSize. More...
scalar minimumCellSize () const
 Return the minimumCellSize. More...
Switch objOutput () const
 Return the objOutput Switch. More...
Switch timeChecks () const
 Return the timeChecks Switch. More...
Switch printVertexInfo () const
 Return the printVertexInfo Switch. More...
scalar maxLoadUnbalance () const
 Return the maxLoadUnbalance. More...
scalar cosAlignmentAcceptanceAngle () const
 Return the cosAlignmentAcceptanceAngle. More...
scalar aspectRatio () const
 Return the aspectRatio. More...
const vectoraspectRatioDirection () const
 Return the aspectRatioDirection. More...
scalar insertionDistCoeff () const
 Return the insertionDistCoeff. More...
scalar faceAreaRatioCoeff () const
 Return the faceAreaRatioCoeff. More...
scalar cosInsertionAcceptanceAngle () const
 Return the cosInsertionAcceptanceAngle. More...
scalar removalDistCoeff () const
 Return removalDistCoeff. More...
Switch filterEdges () const
 Filter edges at output time. More...
Switch filterFaces () const
 Filter faces at output time. More...
Switch writeTetDualMesh () const
 Write tetMesh at output time. More...
Switch writeCellShapeControlMesh () const
 Write cellShapeControlMesh at output time. More...
Switch writeBackgroundMeshDecomposition () const
 Write backgroundMeshDecomposition at output time. More...
void operator= (const cvControls &)=delete
 Disallow default bitwise assignment. More...

Detailed Description

Controls for the conformalVoronoiMesh mesh generator.

Source files

Definition at line 53 of file cvControls.H.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ cvControls() [1/2]

cvControls ( const dictionary foamyHexMeshDict)

Construct from references to conformalVoronoiMesh and dictionary.

◆ cvControls() [2/2]

cvControls ( const cvControls )

Disallow default bitwise copy construction.

◆ ~cvControls()

~cvControls ( )


Member Function Documentation

◆ foamyHexMeshDict()

const Foam::dictionary & foamyHexMeshDict ( ) const

Return the foamyHexMeshDict.

Definition at line 28 of file cvControlsI.H.

◆ pointPairDistanceCoeff()

Foam::scalar pointPairDistanceCoeff ( ) const

Return the pointPairDistanceCoeff.

Definition at line 34 of file cvControlsI.H.

Referenced by conformalVoronoiMesh::pointPairDistance().

Here is the caller graph for this function:

◆ mixedFeaturePointPPDistanceCoeff()

Foam::scalar mixedFeaturePointPPDistanceCoeff ( ) const

Return the mixedFeaturePointPPDistanceCoeff.

Definition at line 40 of file cvControlsI.H.

Referenced by conformalVoronoiMesh::mixedFeaturePointDistance().

Here is the caller graph for this function:

◆ featurePointExclusionDistanceCoeff()

Foam::scalar featurePointExclusionDistanceCoeff ( ) const

Return the featurePointExclusionDistanceCoeff.

Definition at line 46 of file cvControlsI.H.

◆ featureEdgeExclusionDistanceCoeff()

Foam::scalar featureEdgeExclusionDistanceCoeff ( ) const

Return the featureEdgeExclusionDistanceCoeff.

Definition at line 52 of file cvControlsI.H.

◆ guardFeaturePoints()

Foam::Switch guardFeaturePoints ( ) const

Definition at line 58 of file cvControlsI.H.

◆ edgeAiming()

Foam::Switch edgeAiming ( ) const

Definition at line 63 of file cvControlsI.H.

◆ snapFeaturePoints()

Foam::Switch snapFeaturePoints ( ) const

Definition at line 68 of file cvControlsI.H.

◆ circulateEdges()

Foam::Switch circulateEdges ( ) const

Definition at line 73 of file cvControlsI.H.

◆ surfacePtExclusionDistanceCoeff()

Foam::scalar surfacePtExclusionDistanceCoeff ( ) const

Return the surfacePtExclusionDistanceCoeff.

Definition at line 79 of file cvControlsI.H.

◆ specialiseFeaturePoints()

Foam::Switch specialiseFeaturePoints ( ) const

Return whether to use specialised feature points.

Definition at line 84 of file cvControlsI.H.

◆ surfaceSearchDistanceCoeff()

Foam::scalar surfaceSearchDistanceCoeff ( ) const

Return the surfaceSearchDistanceCoeff.

Definition at line 89 of file cvControlsI.H.

◆ maxSurfaceProtrusionCoeff()

Foam::scalar maxSurfaceProtrusionCoeff ( ) const

Return the maxSurfaceProtrusionCoeff.

Definition at line 95 of file cvControlsI.H.

Referenced by conformalVoronoiMesh::maxSurfaceProtrusion().

Here is the caller graph for this function:

◆ maxQuadAngle()

Foam::scalar maxQuadAngle ( ) const

Return the maxQuadAngle.

Definition at line 101 of file cvControlsI.H.

◆ surfaceConformationRebuildFrequency()

Foam::label surfaceConformationRebuildFrequency ( ) const

Return the surfaceConformationRebuildFrequency.

Definition at line 107 of file cvControlsI.H.

◆ edgeSearchDistCoeffSqr()

Foam::scalar edgeSearchDistCoeffSqr ( ) const

Return the edgeSearchDistCoeffSqr for conformation.

Definition at line 113 of file cvControlsI.H.

◆ surfacePtReplaceDistCoeffSqr()

Foam::scalar surfacePtReplaceDistCoeffSqr ( ) const

Return the surfacePtReplaceDistCoeffSqr for conformation.

Definition at line 119 of file cvControlsI.H.

◆ maxConformationIterations()

Foam::label maxConformationIterations ( ) const

Return the maxConformationIterations.

Definition at line 125 of file cvControlsI.H.

◆ iterationToInitialHitRatioLimit()

Foam::scalar iterationToInitialHitRatioLimit ( ) const

Return the iterationToInitialHitRatioLimit.

Definition at line 131 of file cvControlsI.H.

◆ defaultCellSize()

Foam::scalar defaultCellSize ( ) const

Return the defaultCellSize.

Definition at line 137 of file cvControlsI.H.

◆ minimumCellSize()

Foam::scalar minimumCellSize ( ) const

Return the minimumCellSize.

Definition at line 143 of file cvControlsI.H.

◆ objOutput()

Foam::Switch objOutput ( ) const

Return the objOutput Switch.

Definition at line 149 of file cvControlsI.H.

◆ timeChecks()

Foam::Switch timeChecks ( ) const

Return the timeChecks Switch.

Definition at line 155 of file cvControlsI.H.

◆ printVertexInfo()

Foam::Switch printVertexInfo ( ) const

Return the printVertexInfo Switch.

Definition at line 161 of file cvControlsI.H.

◆ maxLoadUnbalance()

Foam::scalar maxLoadUnbalance ( ) const

Return the maxLoadUnbalance.

Definition at line 167 of file cvControlsI.H.

◆ cosAlignmentAcceptanceAngle()

Foam::scalar cosAlignmentAcceptanceAngle ( ) const

Return the cosAlignmentAcceptanceAngle.

Definition at line 173 of file cvControlsI.H.

◆ aspectRatio()

scalar aspectRatio ( ) const

Return the aspectRatio.

◆ aspectRatioDirection()

const vector& aspectRatioDirection ( ) const

Return the aspectRatioDirection.

◆ insertionDistCoeff()

Foam::scalar insertionDistCoeff ( ) const

Return the insertionDistCoeff.

Definition at line 179 of file cvControlsI.H.

◆ faceAreaRatioCoeff()

Foam::scalar faceAreaRatioCoeff ( ) const

Return the faceAreaRatioCoeff.

Definition at line 185 of file cvControlsI.H.

◆ cosInsertionAcceptanceAngle()

Foam::scalar cosInsertionAcceptanceAngle ( ) const

Return the cosInsertionAcceptanceAngle.

Definition at line 191 of file cvControlsI.H.

◆ removalDistCoeff()

Foam::scalar removalDistCoeff ( ) const

Return removalDistCoeff.

Definition at line 197 of file cvControlsI.H.

◆ filterEdges()

Foam::Switch filterEdges ( ) const

Filter edges at output time.

Definition at line 203 of file cvControlsI.H.

◆ filterFaces()

Foam::Switch filterFaces ( ) const

Filter faces at output time.

Definition at line 208 of file cvControlsI.H.

◆ writeTetDualMesh()

Foam::Switch writeTetDualMesh ( ) const

Write tetMesh at output time.

Definition at line 213 of file cvControlsI.H.

◆ writeCellShapeControlMesh()

Foam::Switch writeCellShapeControlMesh ( ) const

Write cellShapeControlMesh at output time.

Definition at line 218 of file cvControlsI.H.

◆ writeBackgroundMeshDecomposition()

Foam::Switch writeBackgroundMeshDecomposition ( ) const

Write backgroundMeshDecomposition at output time.

Definition at line 223 of file cvControlsI.H.

◆ operator=()

void operator= ( const cvControls )

Disallow default bitwise assignment.

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