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Info<< "Creating phaseSystem\"<< endl;autoPtr< multiphaseSystem > fluidPtr (multiphaseSystem::New(mesh))
dimensionedScalar pMin ("pMin", dimPressure, fluid)


multiphaseSystem & fluid = fluidPtr()
multiphaseSystem::phaseModelList & phases = fluid.phases()
volScalarField & p = phases[0].thermoRef().p()

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◆ fluidPtr()

Info<< "Creating phaseSystem\n" << endl;autoPtr<multiphaseSystem> fluidPtr ( multiphaseSystem::New(mesh )

◆ pMin()

dimensionedScalar pMin ( "pMin"  ,
dimPressure  ,

Referenced by pressureControl::limit(), pressureControl::pressureControl(), and while().

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◆ fluid

◆ phases

multiphaseSystem::phaseModelList& phases = fluid.phases()

Definition at line 12 of file createFields.H.

Referenced by forAll(), if(), and while().

◆ p

volScalarField& p = phases[0].thermoRef().p()

Definition at line 23 of file createFields.H.