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Info<< "Constructing face momentum equations"<< endl;PtrList< fvVectorMatrix > UEqns (phases.size())
autoPtr< phaseSystem::momentumTransferTable > momentumTransferPtr (fluid.momentumTransferf())
phaseSystem::momentumTransferTable & momentumTransfer (momentumTransferPtr())
 forAll (fluid.movingPhases(), movingPhasei)

Function Documentation

◆ UEqns()

Info<< "Constructing face momentum equations" << endl;PtrList<fvVectorMatrix> UEqns ( phases.  size())

◆ momentumTransferPtr()

autoPtr<phaseSystem::momentumTransferTable> momentumTransferPtr ( fluid.  momentumTransferf())

◆ momentumTransfer()

phaseSystem::momentumTransferTable& momentumTransfer ( momentumTransferPtr()  )

◆ forAll()

forAll ( fluid.  movingPhases(),

Definition at line 15 of file UEqns.H.

References Foam::constant::atomic::alpha, fluid, fvOptions, momentumTransfer(), rho, U, and UEqns().

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