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volScalarField::Internal Sp (IOobject("Sp", runTime.timeName(), mesh), mesh, dimensionedScalar("Sp", dgdt.dimensions(), 0))
volScalarField::Internal Su (IOobject("Su", runTime.timeName(), mesh), mesh, dimensionedScalar("Su", dgdt.dimensions(), 0))
 forAll (dgdt, celli)
volScalarField::Internal divU (mesh.moving() ? fvc::div(phiCN()+mesh.phi()) :fvc::div(phiCN()))

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◆ Sp()

volScalarField::Internal Sp ( IOobject("Sp", runTime.timeName(), mesh ,
mesh  ,
dimensionedScalar("Sp", dgdt.dimensions(), 0)   

◆ Su()

volScalarField::Internal Su ( IOobject("Su", runTime.timeName(), mesh ,
mesh  ,
dimensionedScalar("Su", dgdt.dimensions(), 0)   

◆ forAll()

forAll ( dgdt  ,

Definition at line 25 of file alphaSuSp.H.

References alpha1, Foam::fvc::div(), divU, Foam::constant::electromagnetic::e, Foam::max(), mesh, phiCN(), Sp, and Su.

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◆ divU()

volScalarField::Internal divU ( mesh.  moving) ? fvc::div(phiCN()+mesh.phi()) :fvc::div(phiCN())