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timer.H File Reference
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class  timer
 Implements a timeout mechanism via sigalarm. More...


 Namespace for OpenFOAM.


#define timedOut(x)   (((x).newTimeOut_ > 0) ? setjmp(Foam::timer::envAlarm) : false)
 Check it a timeout has occured. More...

Detailed Description

Original source file timer.H

Definition in file timer.H.

Macro Definition Documentation

#define timedOut (   x)    (((x).newTimeOut_ > 0) ? setjmp(Foam::timer::envAlarm) : false)

Check it a timeout has occured.

keep setjmp in same stack frame so no function calls

Definition at line 71 of file timer.H.

Referenced by fileStat::fileStat(), and Foam::ping().