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makeSurfaceWriterMethods.H File Reference

Convenience macros for instantiating writer methods for surfaceWriter classes. More...

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 Namespace for OpenFOAM.


#define makeSurfaceWriterType(ThisClass)
#define defineSurfaceWriterWriteField(ThisClass, FieldType)
#define defineSurfaceWriterWriteFields(ThisClass)

Detailed Description

Convenience macros for instantiating writer methods for surfaceWriter classes.

Original source file makeSurfaceWriterMethods.H

InClass Foam::makeSurfaceWriterMethods

Definition in file makeSurfaceWriterMethods.H.

Macro Definition Documentation

#define makeSurfaceWriterType (   ThisClass)
defineTypeNameAndDebug(ThisClass, 0); \
addToRunTimeSelectionTable(surfaceWriter, ThisClass, word)
#define addToRunTimeSelectionTable(baseType, thisType, argNames)
#define defineTypeNameAndDebug(Type, DebugSwitch)
Define the typeName and debug information.
Definition: className.H:119

Definition at line 44 of file makeSurfaceWriterMethods.H.

#define defineSurfaceWriterWriteField (   ThisClass,
( \
const fileName& outputDir, \
const fileName& surfaceName, \
const pointField& points, \
const faceList& faces, \
const word& fieldName, \
const Field<FieldType>& values, \
const bool isNodeValues, \
const bool verbose \
) const \
{ \
writeTemplate \
( \
outputDir, \
surfaceName, \
faces, \
fieldName, \
values, \
isNodeValues, \
verbose \
); \
List< face > faceList
Definition: faceListFwd.H:43
vectorField pointField
pointField is a vectorField.
Definition: pointFieldFwd.H:42
const pointField & points
runTime write()

Definition at line 49 of file makeSurfaceWriterMethods.H.

#define defineSurfaceWriterWriteFields (   ThisClass)
defineSurfaceWriterWriteField(ThisClass, scalar); \
#define defineSurfaceWriterWriteField(ThisClass, FieldType)
Vector< scalar > vector
A scalar version of the templated Vector.
Definition: vector.H:49
SymmTensor< scalar > symmTensor
SymmTensor of scalars.
Definition: symmTensor.H:48
SphericalTensor< scalar > sphericalTensor
SphericalTensor of scalars.
Tensor< scalar > tensor
Tensor of scalars.
Definition: tensor.H:51

Definition at line 76 of file makeSurfaceWriterMethods.H.