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alphaEqnsSubCycle.H File Reference
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label nAlphaCorr (readLabel(alphaControls.lookup("nAlphaCorr")))
label nAlphaSubCycles (readLabel(alphaControls.lookup("nAlphaSubCycles")))
surfaceScalarField phic (mag(phi/mesh.magSf()))
volScalarField divU (fvc::div(fvc::absolute(phi, U)))
 if (nAlphaSubCycles > 1)


 phic = min(interface.cAlpha()*phic, max(phic))

Function Documentation

label nAlphaCorr ( readLabel(alphaControls.lookup("nAlphaCorr"))  )
label nAlphaSubCycles ( readLabel(alphaControls.lookup("nAlphaSubCycles"))  )

Referenced by if().

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surfaceScalarField phic ( mag(phi/mesh.magSf())  )
volScalarField divU ( fvc::div(fvc::absolute(phi, U))  )
if ( nAlphaSubCycles  ,

Definition at line 9 of file alphaEqnsSubCycle.H.

References alpha1, mesh, nAlphaSubCycles(), and rhoPhi.

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phic = min(interface.cAlpha()*phic, max(phic))

Definition at line 5 of file alphaEqnsSubCycle.H.

Referenced by if(), ETAB< CloudType >::update(), TAB< CloudType >::update(), and while().