refinementIterator Member List

This is the complete list of members for refinementIterator, including all inherited members.

coord(const primitiveMesh &, const label cut, const scalar weight)edgeVertexstatic
coord(const label cut, const scalar weight) const edgeVertexinline
cutPairToEdge(const primitiveMesh &, const label cut0, const label cut1)edgeVertexstatic
cutPairToEdge(const label cut0, const label cut1) const edgeVertexinline
edgeToEVert(const primitiveMesh &mesh, const label edgeI)edgeVertexinlinestatic
edgeToEVert(const label edgeI) const edgeVertexinline
edgeVertex(const polyMesh &mesh)edgeVertexinline
getEdge(const primitiveMesh &mesh, const label eVert)edgeVertexinlinestatic
getEdge(const label eVert) const edgeVertexinline
getVertex(const primitiveMesh &mesh, const label eVert)edgeVertexinlinestatic
getVertex(const label eVert) const edgeVertexinline
isEdge(const primitiveMesh &mesh, const label eVert)edgeVertexinlinestatic
isEdge(const label eVert) const edgeVertexinline
mesh() const edgeVertexinline
refinementIterator(polyMesh &mesh, undoableMeshCutter &meshRefiner, const cellLooper &cellWalker, const bool writeMesh=false)refinementIterator
setRefinement(const List< refineCell > &)refinementIterator
updateLabels(const labelList &map, List< refineCell > &)edgeVertexstatic
updateLabels(const labelList &map, Map< label > &)edgeVertexstatic
updateLabels(const labelList &map, labelHashSet &)edgeVertexstatic
vertToEVert(const primitiveMesh &mesh, const label vertI)edgeVertexinlinestatic
vertToEVert(const label vertI) const edgeVertexinline
writeCut(Ostream &os, const label cut, const scalar) const edgeVertex
writeCuts(Ostream &os, const labelList &, const scalarField &) const edgeVertex