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STARCDsurfaceFormatCore Class Reference

Internal class used by the STARCDsurfaceFormat. More...

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Static Protected Member Functions

static Map< wordreadInpCellTable (IFstream &)
static void writeCase (Ostream &, const pointField &, const label nFaces, const UList< surfZone > &)
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from STARCDCore
static bool readHeader (IFstream &, const word &fileSignature)
 Read header. More...
static void writeHeader (Ostream &, const word &fileType)
 Write header for fileType (CELL|VERTEX|BOUNDARY) More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from STARCDCore
 STARCDCore ()
 Construct null. More...
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from STARCDCore
static bool readPoints (IFstream &, pointField &, labelList &ids)
 Read points from a (.vrt) file. More...
static void writePoints (Ostream &, const pointField &)
 Write header and points to (.vrt) file. More...
- Protected Types inherited from STARCDCore
enum  cellType {
  starcdFluidType = 1, starcdSolidType = 2, starcdBaffleType = 3, starcdShellType = 4,
  starcdLineType = 5, starcdPointType = 6
enum  shapeType {
  starcdPoint = 1, starcdLine = 2, starcdShell = 3, starcdHex = 11,
  starcdPrism = 12, starcdTet = 13, starcdPyr = 14, starcdPoly = 255

Detailed Description

Internal class used by the STARCDsurfaceFormat.

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Definition at line 54 of file STARCDsurfaceFormatCore.H.

Member Function Documentation

Foam::Map< Foam::word > readInpCellTable ( IFstream is)
void writeCase ( Ostream os,
const pointField pointLst,
const label  nFaces,
const UList< surfZone > &  zoneLst 

Definition at line 78 of file STARCDsurfaceFormatCore.C.

References Ostream::flush(), forAll, fileName::lessExt(), fileName::name(), IOstream::name(), Foam::nl, and List< T >::size().

Referenced by STARCDsurfaceFormatCore::readInpCellTable().

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