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 if (sourceTimes.empty())
 if (args.optionFound("sourceTime"))
runTimeSource setTime (sourceTimes[sourceTimeIndex], sourceTimeIndex)


label sourceTimeIndex = runTimeSource.timeIndex()

Function Documentation

if ( sourceTimes.  empty())

Definition at line 4 of file setTimeIndex.H.

References Foam::exit(), Foam::FatalError, FatalErrorInFunction, and runTimeSource().

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if ( args.  optionFound"sourceTime")

Definition at line 12 of file setTimeIndex.H.

References args, and argList::optionRead().

Here is the call graph for this function:

runTimeSource setTime ( sourceTimes  [sourceTimeIndex],

Variable Documentation

label sourceTimeIndex = runTimeSource.timeIndex()

Definition at line 11 of file setTimeIndex.H.

Initial value:
sourceTimeIndex = Time::findClosestTimeIndex
Time runTimeTarget(Time::controlDictName, args)
instantList sourceTimes
Definition: setTimeIndex.H:1
label sourceTimeIndex
Definition: setTimeIndex.H:2

Definition at line 28 of file setTimeIndex.H.