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TABSMDCalcMethod1.H File Reference
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 while (!found &&(n< 99))


scalar random = rndGen.sample01<scalar>()
 rNew = 0.04*n*rs

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while ( !found &&  n< 99)

Definition at line 4 of file TABSMDCalcMethod1.H.

References n.

Variable Documentation

scalar random = rndGen.sample01<scalar>()

Definition at line 3 of file TABSMDCalcMethod1.H.

Referenced by Foam::osRandomDouble(), and Foam::osRandomInteger().

rNew = 0.04*n*rs

Definition at line 12 of file TABSMDCalcMethod1.H.

Referenced by ETAB< CloudType >::update(), and TAB< CloudType >::update().