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DispersionModel.H File Reference
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class  DispersionModel< CloudType >


 Namespace for OpenFOAM.


#define makeDispersionModel(CloudType)
#define makeDispersionModelType(SS, CloudType)

Detailed Description

Original source file DispersionModel.H

Definition in file DispersionModel.H.

Macro Definition Documentation

#define makeDispersionModel (   CloudType)
typedef Foam::CloudType::kinematicCloudType kinematicCloudType; \
namespace Foam \
{ \
( \
DispersionModel<kinematicCloudType>, \
dictionary \
); \
#define defineTemplateRunTimeSelectionTable(baseType, argNames)
Define run-time selection table for template classes.
#define defineTemplateTypeNameAndDebug(Type, DebugSwitch)
Define the typeName and debug information for templates, useful.
Definition: className.H:130
Namespace for OpenFOAM.

Definition at line 126 of file DispersionModel.H.

#define makeDispersionModelType (   SS,
typedef Foam::CloudType::kinematicCloudType kinematicCloudType; \
defineNamedTemplateTypeNameAndDebug(Foam::SS<kinematicCloudType>, 0); \
Foam::DispersionModel<kinematicCloudType>:: \
adddictionaryConstructorToTable<Foam::SS<kinematicCloudType>> \
DSMCCloud< dsmcParcel > CloudType
#define defineNamedTemplateTypeNameAndDebug(Type, DebugSwitch)
Define the typeName and debug information for templates.
Definition: className.H:134
void add(FieldField< Field1, typename typeOfSum< Type1, Type2 >::type > &f, const FieldField< Field1, Type1 > &f1, const FieldField< Field2, Type2 > &f2)

Definition at line 141 of file DispersionModel.H.