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3D tensor transformation operations. More...

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 Namespace for OpenFOAM.


tensor rotationTensor (const vector &n1, const vector &n2)
 Rotational transformation tensor from unit vector n1 to n2. More...
tensor Rx (const scalar &omega)
 Rotational transformation tensor about the x-axis by omega radians. More...
tensor Ry (const scalar &omega)
 Rotational transformation tensor about the y-axis by omega radians. More...
tensor Rz (const scalar &omega)
 Rotational transformation tensor about the z-axis by omega radians. More...
tensor Ra (const vector &a, const scalar omega)
 Rotational transformation tensor about axis a by omega radians. More...
label transform (const tensor &, const bool i)
label transform (const tensor &, const label i)
scalar transform (const tensor &, const scalar s)
template<class Cmpt >
Vector< Cmpt > transform (const tensor &tt, const Vector< Cmpt > &v)
template<class Cmpt >
Tensor< Cmpt > transform (const tensor &tt, const Tensor< Cmpt > &t)
template<class Cmpt >
SphericalTensor< Cmpt > transform (const tensor &tt, const SphericalTensor< Cmpt > &st)
template<class Cmpt >
SymmTensor< Cmpt > transform (const tensor &tt, const SymmTensor< Cmpt > &st)
template<class Type1 , class Type2 >
Type1 transformMask (const Type2 &t)
sphericalTensor transformMask< sphericalTensor > (const tensor &t)
symmTensor transformMask< symmTensor > (const tensor &t)
scalar pseudoAngle (const vector &e0, const vector &e1, const vector &vec)
 Estimate angle of vec in coordinate system (e0, e1, e0^e1). More...

Detailed Description

3D tensor transformation operations.

Original source file transform.H

InNamespace Foam

Definition in file transform.H.