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class  PackedBoolList
 A bit-packed bool list. More...


 Namespace for OpenFOAM.


typedef List< PackedBoolList > PackedBoolListList


PackedBoolList operator& (const PackedBoolList &lst1, const PackedBoolList &lst2)
 Intersect lists - the result is trimmed to the smallest intersecting size. More...
PackedBoolList operator^ (const PackedBoolList &lst1, const PackedBoolList &lst2)
 Combine to form a unique list (xor) More...
PackedBoolList operator| (const PackedBoolList &lst1, const PackedBoolList &lst2)
 Combine lists. More...

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Original source file PackedBoolList.H

Definition in file PackedBoolList.H.