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IOdictionary pdfDictionary (IOobject("pdfDict", runTime.constant(), runTime, IOobject::MUST_READ_IF_MODIFIED, IOobject::NO_WRITE))
const label nIntervals (pdfDictionary.lookup< label >("nIntervals"))
const label nSamples (pdfDictionary.lookup< label >("nSamples"))
const bool writeData (readBool(pdfDictionary.lookup("writeData")))
 mkDir (pdfPath)
autoPtr< distribution > p (distribution::New(unitAny, pdfDictionary, 0, 0))
autoPtr< OFstream > filePtr (nullptr)
 if (writeData)
scalarField samples (nIntervals, 0)


const fileName pdfPath
const scalar xMin = p->min()
const scalar xMax = p->max()

Function Documentation

◆ pdfDictionary()

IOdictionary pdfDictionary ( IOobject("pdfDict", runTime.constant(), runTime, IOobject::MUST_READ_IF_MODIFIED, IOobject::NO_WRITE)  )

◆ nIntervals()

const label nIntervals ( pdfDictionary.lookup< label >  "nIntervals")

◆ nSamples()

const label nSamples ( pdfDictionary.lookup< label >  "nSamples")

Referenced by ParticleTracks< CloudType >::preFace().

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◆ writeData()

const bool writeData ( readBool(pdfDictionary.lookup("writeData"))  )

◆ mkDir()

◆ p()

autoPtr<distribution> p ( distribution::New(unitAny, pdfDictionary, 0, 0)  )

◆ filePtr()

autoPtr<OFstream> filePtr ( nullptr  )

Referenced by if().

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◆ if()

if ( writeData  )

Definition at line 34 of file createFields.H.

References Foam::endl(), filePtr(), Foam::Info, Foam::nl, p, and pdfPath.

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◆ samples()

Variable Documentation

◆ pdfPath

const fileName pdfPath
Initial value:
const word & executable() const
Name of executable without the path.
Definition: argListI.H:36
Foam::argList args(argc, argv)

Definition at line 19 of file createFields.H.

Referenced by if().

◆ xMin

const scalar xMin = p->min()

Definition at line 29 of file createFields.H.

◆ xMax

const scalar xMax = p->max()

Definition at line 30 of file createFields.H.