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class  surfaceFeatures
 Holds feature edges/points of surface. More...


 Namespace for OpenFOAM.


void selectBox (const triSurface &surf, const boundBox &bb, const bool removeInside, List< surfaceFeatures::edgeStatus > &edgeStat)
 Select edges inside or outside bounding box. More...
void selectCutEdges (const triSurface &surf, const plane &cutPlane, List< surfaceFeatures::edgeStatus > &edgeStat)
 Select edges that are intersected by the given plane. More...
surfaceFeatures::edgeStatus checkNonManifoldEdge (const triSurface &surf, const scalar tol, const scalar includedAngle, const label edgei)
 Divide into multiple normal bins. More...
void selectManifoldEdges (const triSurface &surf, const scalar tol, const scalar includedAngle, List< surfaceFeatures::edgeStatus > &edgeStat)
 Select manifold edges. More...

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