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 if (args.optionFound("dict"))
IOobject dictIO (dictName, runTime.constant(), mesh, IOobject::MUST_READ_IF_MODIFIED, IOobject::NO_WRITE)
 if (dictPath.size())


fileName dictPath = ""

Function Documentation

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if ( args.  optionFound"dict")

Definition at line 2 of file setConstantMeshDictionaryIO.H.

References args, dictIO(), dictName(), dictPath, Foam::isDir(), mesh, and runTime.

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◆ dictIO()

IOobject dictIO ( dictName  ,
runTime.  constant(),
mesh  ,

Referenced by if().

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if ( dictPath.  size())

Definition at line 20 of file setConstantMeshDictionaryIO.H.

References dictIO(), dictPath, and mesh.

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Variable Documentation

◆ dictPath

fileName dictPath = ""

Definition at line 1 of file setConstantMeshDictionaryIO.H.

Referenced by if().