DPMFoam Directory Reference
Directory dependency graph for DPMFoam:


directory  DPMMomentumTransportModels
directory  MPPICFoam


file  continuityErrs.H [code]
 Calculates and prints the continuity errors.
file  correctPhic.H [code]
file  CourantNo.H [code]
 Calculates and outputs the mean and maximum Courant Numbers.
file  createFields.H [code]
file  createUcf.H [code]
 Creates and initialises the velocity velocity field Ucf.
file  createUcfIfPresent.H [code]
 Creates and initialises the continuous phase face velocity field Ufc if required.
file  DPMFoam.C [code]
 Transient solver for the coupled transport of a single kinematic particle cloud including the effect of the volume fraction of particles on the continuous phase, with optional mesh motion and mesh topology changes.
file  pEqn.H [code]
file  UcEqn.H [code]