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bool inviscid (true)
 if (max(mu.primitiveField()) > 0.0)


volScalarField & p = thermo.p()
const volScalarField & T = thermo.T()
const volScalarField & psi = thermo.psi()
const volScalarField & mu =
 Atomic mass unit. More...

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◆ inviscid()

bool inviscid ( true  )

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◆ if()

if ( max(mu.primitiveField())  ,
0.  0 

Definition at line 7 of file createFieldRefs.H.

References inviscid().

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Variable Documentation

◆ p

volScalarField& p = thermo.p()

Definition at line 1 of file createFieldRefs.H.

◆ T

const volScalarField& T = thermo.T()

Definition at line 2 of file createFieldRefs.H.

◆ psi

const volScalarField& psi = thermo.psi()

Definition at line 3 of file createFieldRefs.H.

◆ mu

const volScalarField& mu =

Atomic mass unit.

Definition at line 4 of file createFieldRefs.H.

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