WRLsurfaceFormatCore Class Reference

Internal class used by the WRLsurfaceFormat. More...

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Static Protected Member Functions

static void writeHeader (Ostream &, const pointField &, const label nFaces, const UList< surfZone > &)
 Write file header. More...
static void writeAppearance (Ostream &)
 Write appearance node. More...

Detailed Description

Internal class used by the WRLsurfaceFormat.

Source files

Definition at line 52 of file WRLsurfaceFormatCore.H.

Member Function Documentation

◆ writeHeader()

void writeHeader ( Ostream os,
const pointField pointLst,
const label  nFaces,
const UList< surfZone > &  zoneLst 

Write file header.

Definition at line 32 of file WRLsurfaceFormatCore.C.

References forAll, Foam::nl, List< T >::size(), UList< T >::size(), and WRLsurfaceFormatCore::writeAppearance().

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◆ writeAppearance()

void writeAppearance ( Ostream os)

Write appearance node.

Definition at line 56 of file WRLsurfaceFormatCore.C.

Referenced by WRLsurfaceFormatCore::writeHeader().

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