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 Namespace for OpenFOAM.


void printMeshStats (const polyMesh &mesh, const bool allTopology)
void mergeAndWrite (const polyMesh &mesh, const surfaceWriter &writer, const word &name, const indirectPrimitivePatch setPatch, const fileName &outputDir)
 Generate merged surface on master and write. Needs input patch. More...
void mergeAndWrite (const surfaceWriter &, const faceSet &)
 Write vtk representation of (assembled) faceSet to surface file in. More...
void mergeAndWrite (const surfaceWriter &, const cellSet &)
 Write vtk representation of (assembled) cellSet to surface file in. More...
void mergeAndWrite (const writer< scalar > &, const pointSet &)
 Write vtk representation of (assembled) pointSet to 'set' file in. More...