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 Namespace for OpenFOAM.


label findOppositeWedge (const polyMesh &, const wedgePolyPatch &)
bool checkWedges (const polyMesh &, const bool report, const Vector< label > &, labelHashSet *)
 Check wedge orientation. More...
bool checkCoupledPoints (const polyMesh &, const bool report, labelHashSet *)
 Check 0th vertex on coupled faces. More...
void writeAMIWeightsSums (const polyMesh &)
 Write out the weights-sums on all the AMI patches. More...
void writeAMIWeightsSum (const polyMesh &, const primitivePatch &, const scalarField &, const fileName &)
 Write out the weights-sum on the given AMI patch. More...
label checkGeometry (const polyMesh &mesh, const bool allGeometry, const autoPtr< surfaceWriter > &, const autoPtr< writer< scalar >> &)