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scalar maxCo (pimpleDict.lookup< scalar >("maxCo"))
scalar maxDeltaT (pimpleDict.lookupOrDefault< scalar >("maxDeltaT", great))
scalar rDeltaTSmoothingCoeff (pimpleDict.lookupOrDefault< scalar >("rDeltaTSmoothingCoeff", 0.1))
scalar rDeltaTDampingCoeff (pimpleDict.lookupOrDefault< scalar >("rDeltaTDampingCoeff", 1.0))
scalar alphaTemp (pimpleDict.lookupOrDefault("alphaTemp", 0.05))
scalar alphaY (pimpleDict.lookupOrDefault("alphaY", 1.0))
rDeltaTY field ()
 if (foundY)
rDeltaT correctBoundaryConditions ()
 if (rDeltaTSmoothingCoeff< 1)
 if (rDeltaTDampingCoeff< 1 &&runTime.timeIndex() > runTime.startTimeIndex()+1)


const dictionary & pimpleDict = pimple.dict()

Detailed Description

Original source file setRDeltaT.H

Definition in file setRDeltaT.H.

Function Documentation

◆ maxCo()

scalar maxCo ( pimpleDict.lookup< scalar >  "maxCo")

◆ maxDeltaT()

scalar maxDeltaT ( pimpleDict.lookupOrDefault< scalar >  "maxDeltaT", great)

◆ rDeltaTSmoothingCoeff()

scalar rDeltaTSmoothingCoeff ( pimpleDict.lookupOrDefault< scalar >  "rDeltaTSmoothingCoeff", 0.1)

◆ rDeltaTDampingCoeff()

scalar rDeltaTDampingCoeff ( pimpleDict.lookupOrDefault< scalar >  "rDeltaTDampingCoeff", 1.0)

◆ alphaTemp()

scalar alphaTemp ( pimpleDict.  lookupOrDefault"alphaTemp", 0.05)

◆ alphaY()

scalar alphaY ( pimpleDict.  lookupOrDefault"alphaY", 1.0)

◆ field()

rDeltaTY field ( )

Referenced by sampledSurface::average(), DimensionedField< Type, Foam::pointMesh >::average(), fieldMinMax::calcMinMaxFields(), KinematicCloud< Cloud< basicKinematicCollidingParcel > >::cloneBare(), fieldValue::combineFields(), kinematicSingleLayer::CourantNumber(), Foam::MULES::explicitSolve(), multivariateSurfaceInterpolationScheme< Type >::fieldScheme::fieldScheme(), volFieldValue::filterField(), sampledSurface::integrate(), ensightPart::localPoints::localPoints(), Foam::MapDimensionedFields(), Foam::MapGeometricFields(), MapInternalField< Type, MeshMapper, surfaceMesh >::MapInternalField(), MapInternalField< Type, MeshMapper, volMesh >::MapInternalField(), MapInternalField< Type, MeshMapper, GeoMesh >::MapInternalField(), MapInternalField< Type, MeshMapper, pointMesh >::MapInternalField(), MapInternalField< Type, MeshMapper, surfaceMesh >::operator()(), MapInternalField< Type, MeshMapper, volMesh >::operator()(), MapInternalField< Type, MeshMapper, pointMesh >::operator()(), optionList::operator()(), multivariateIndependentScheme< Type >::operator()(), multivariateScheme< Type, Scheme >::operator()(), multivariateSelectionScheme< Type >::operator()(), multivariateUpwind< Type >::operator()(), option::iNew::operator()(), sampledSurface::project(), ensightParts::size(), regionFunctionObject::store(), cyclicAMIPolyPatch::transform(), advectiveFvPatchField< Type >::updateCoeffs(), DimensionedField< Type, Foam::pointMesh >::weightedAverage(), histogram::write(), rotorDiskSource::writeField(), regionFunctionObject::writeObject(), and optionList::~optionList().

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◆ if() [1/3]

if ( foundY  )

Definition at line 136 of file setRDeltaT.H.

References Foam::endl(), Foam::gMax(), Foam::gMin(), Foam::Info, and Foam::max().

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◆ correctBoundaryConditions()

rDeltaT correctBoundaryConditions ( )

◆ if() [2/3]

if ( )

Definition at line 156 of file setRDeltaT.H.

References rDeltaTSmoothingCoeff(), and Foam::fvc::smooth().

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◆ if() [3/3]

if ( rDeltaTDampingCoeff< 1 &&runTime.timeIndex() > runTime.startTimeIndex()+  1)

Definition at line 165 of file setRDeltaT.H.

References Foam::gMax(), Foam::gMin(), Foam::Info, Foam::max(), rDeltaT0(), and rDeltaTDampingCoeff().

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Variable Documentation

◆ pimpleDict

const dictionary& pimpleDict = pimple.dict()

Definition at line 29 of file setRDeltaT.H.

◆ else

Initial value:
IOWarningIn(args.executable().c_str(), Yref)
<< "Cannot find any active species in Yref " << Yref
<< endl
const word & executable() const
Name of executable without the path.
Definition: argListI.H:36
Ostream & endl(Ostream &os)
Add newline and flush stream.
Definition: Ostream.H:251
#define IOWarningIn(functionName, ios)
Report an IO warning using Foam::Warning.
Foam::argList args(argc, argv)

Definition at line 145 of file setRDeltaT.H.