stitchMesh.C File Reference

'Stitches' a mesh. More...

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Detailed Description

'Stitches' a mesh.

Original source file stitchMesh.C

Takes a mesh and two patches and merges the faces on the two patches (if geometrically possible) so the faces become internal.

Can do

  • 'perfect' match: faces and points on patches align exactly. Order might be different though.
  • 'integral' match: where the surfaces on both patches exactly match but the individual faces not
  • 'partial' match: where the non-overlapping part of the surface remains in the respective patch.

Note : Is just a front-end to perfectInterface/slidingInterface.

Comparable to running a meshModifier of the form (if masterPatch is called "M" and slavePatch "S"):

    type                    slidingInterface;
    masterFaceZoneName      MSMasterZone
    slaveFaceZoneName       MSSlaveZone
    cutPointZoneName        MSCutPointZone
    cutFaceZoneName         MSCutFaceZone
    masterPatchName         M;
    slavePatchName          S;
    typeOfMatch             partial or integral

Definition in file stitchMesh.C.