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class  populationBalanceModel
 Class that solves the univariate population balance equation by means of a class method (also called sectional or discrete method). The internal coordinate is set to the particle volume, so the equation is based on a transport equation of the volume-based number density function. The discretization is done using the fixed pivot technique of Kumar and Ramkrishna (1996). The source terms are written in a way that particle number and mass are preserved. Coalescence (aggregation), breakup, drift (growth and surface loss) as well as nucleation are supported. For the discrete breakup term two recipes are available, depending on the model choice. For models which state a total breakup rate and a separate daughter size distribution function, the formulation of Kumar and Ramkrishna (1996) is applied which is applicable for binary and multiple breakup events. The second formulation is given by Liao et al. (2018). It is useful for binary breakup models which give the breakup rate between a sizeGroup pair directly, without an explicit expression for the daughter size distribution. The drift term is implemented using a finite difference upwind scheme. Although it is diffusive, it ensures a stable and number-conservative solution. More...
class  populationBalanceModel::iNew
 Return a pointer to a new populationBalanceModel object created on. More...


 Namespace for OpenFOAM.

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