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tmp< surfaceScalarField > talphaPhi1 (alphaPhi10)
 if (nAlphaSubCycles > 1)
surfaceScalarField alphaPhi2 ("alphaPhi2", phi - alphaPhi1)
volScalarField::Internal contErr ((fvc::ddt(rho)+fvc::div(rhoPhi) -(fvOptions(alpha1, mixture.thermo1().rho())&rho1) -(fvOptions(alpha2, mixture.thermo2().rho())&rho2))())


const surfaceScalarField & alphaPhi1 = talphaPhi1()

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◆ talphaPhi1()

tmp<surfaceScalarField> talphaPhi1 ( alphaPhi10  )

Referenced by if().

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if ( nAlphaSubCycles  ,

Definition at line 3 of file compressibleAlphaEqnSubCycle.H.

References alpha1, alphaPhi10(), LTS, mesh, nAlphaSubCycles(), rhoPhi, runTime, and talphaPhi1().

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◆ alphaPhi2()

surfaceScalarField alphaPhi2 ( "alphaPhi2"  ,
phi alphaPhi1 

◆ contErr()

volScalarField::Internal contErr ( (fvc::ddt(rho)+fvc::div(rhoPhi) -(fvOptions(alpha1, mixture.thermo1().rho())&rho1) -(fvOptions(alpha2, mixture.thermo2().rho())&rho2))()  )

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◆ else

Initial value:
const volScalarField & alpha1
Definition: alphaEqn.H:115
const dimensionedScalar & rho2
Definition: createFields.H:44
const dimensionedScalar & rho1
Definition: createFields.H:43

Definition at line 53 of file compressibleAlphaEqnSubCycle.H.

◆ alphaPhi1

const surfaceScalarField& alphaPhi1 = talphaPhi1()

Definition at line 59 of file compressibleAlphaEqnSubCycle.H.

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