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MRF correctBoundaryVelocity (U)
fvVectorMatrix UEqn (fvm::ddt(rho, U)+fvm::div(phi, U)+MRF.DDt(rho, U)+turbulence->divDevRhoReff(U)==parcels.SU(U)+fvOptions(rho, U))
UEqn relax ()
fvOptions constrain (UEqn)
 if (pimple.momentumPredictor())

Function Documentation

◆ correctBoundaryVelocity()

MRF correctBoundaryVelocity ( U  )

◆ UEqn()

fvVectorMatrix UEqn ( fvm::ddt(rho, U)+fvm::div(phi, U)+MRF.DDt(rho, U)+turbulence->divDevRhoReff(U = =parcels.SU(U)+fvOptions(rhoU))

◆ relax()

E2Eqn relax ( )
Initial value:
U2Eqn =
fv::options & fvOptions
phaseSystem::momentumTransferTable & momentumTransfer(momentumTransferPtr())
Definition: alphaEqn.H:115
volVectorField & U2
const dimensionedScalar & rho2
Definition: createFields.H:44
phaseModel & phase2

Referenced by listPlusEqOp< T >::operator()(), GeometricField< vector, pointPatchField, pointMesh >::relax(), ReactingCloud< Foam::DSMCCloud >::relaxSources(), ThermoCloud< Foam::DSMCCloud >::relaxSources(), and KinematicCloud< Cloud< basicKinematicCollidingParcel > >::relaxSources().

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◆ constrain()

fvOptions constrain ( UEqn  )

◆ if()

if ( pimple.  momentumPredictor())

Definition at line 17 of file UEqn.H.

References fvOptions, ghf, Foam::magSqr(), mesh, p_rgh, Foam::fvc::reconstruct(), rho, Foam::fvc::snGrad(), solve(), U, and UEqn.

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