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class  fvMatrix< Type >
 A special matrix type and solver, designed for finite volume solutions of scalar equations. Face addressing is used to make all matrix assembly and solution loops vectorise. More...
class  divScheme< Type >
 Abstract base class for div schemes. More...


 Namespace for OpenFOAM.
 Namespace for finite-volume.


#define makeFvDivTypeScheme(SS, Type)
#define makeFvDivScheme(SS)

Detailed Description

Original source file divScheme.H

Definition in file divScheme.H.

Macro Definition Documentation

◆ makeFvDivTypeScheme

#define makeFvDivTypeScheme (   SS,
defineNamedTemplateTypeNameAndDebug(Foam::fv::SS<Foam::Type>, 0); \
namespace Foam \
{ \
namespace fv \
{ \
divScheme<Type>::addIstreamConstructorToTable<SS<Type>> \
add##SS##Type##IstreamConstructorToTable_; \
} \
labelList fv(nPoints)
#define defineNamedTemplateTypeNameAndDebug(Type, DebugSwitch)
Define the typeName and debug information for templates.
Definition: className.H:134
Namespace for OpenFOAM.

Definition at line 166 of file divScheme.H.

◆ makeFvDivScheme

#define makeFvDivScheme (   SS)
makeFvDivTypeScheme(SS, vector) \
makeFvDivTypeScheme(SS, sphericalTensor) \
makeFvDivTypeScheme(SS, symmTensor) \
makeFvDivTypeScheme(SS, tensor)
Vector< scalar > vector
A scalar version of the templated Vector.
Definition: vector.H:49
SymmTensor< scalar > symmTensor
SymmTensor of scalars.
Definition: symmTensor.H:48
SphericalTensor< scalar > sphericalTensor
SphericalTensor of scalars.
Tensor< scalar > tensor
Tensor of scalars.
Definition: tensor.H:51

Definition at line 178 of file divScheme.H.