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Venkatakrishnan Class Reference

Venkatakrishnan gradient limiter. More...

Public Member Functions

 Venkatakrishnan (Istream &)
scalar limiter (const scalar r) const

Detailed Description

Venkatakrishnan gradient limiter.

to be used with the Foam::fv::cellLimitedGrad limited gradient.


    Venkatakrishnan, V. (1993).
    On the accuracy of limiters and convergence to steady state solutions.
    In 31st Aerospace Sciences Meeting (p. 880).


    default Gauss linear;
    limited cellLimited<Venkatakrishnan> Gauss linear 1;

Note: this limiter formally allows the limiter function to slightly exceed 1 which is generally not a good idea and can cause unboundedness. To avoid this problem the limiter function is clipped to 1 which is likely to be better behaved but is then not differentiable and so no longer conforms to the basic principles of this kind of limiter function. All these issues are resolved in a consistent and differentiable manner by the Foam::fv::gradientLimiters::cubic limiter which is recommended in preference to the Foam::fv::gradientLimiters::Venkatakrishnan limiter.

See also
Foam::fv::cellLimitedGrad Foam::fv::gradientLimiters::cubic

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Venkatakrishnan()

Venkatakrishnan ( Istream )

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◆ limiter()

scalar limiter ( const scalar  r) const

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References Foam::sqr().

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