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SloanRenumber.C File Reference
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 Namespace for OpenFOAM.


typedef adjacency_list< setS, vecS, undirectedS, property< vertex_color_t, default_color_type, property< vertex_degree_t, Foam::label, property< vertex_priority_t, Foam::scalar > > >> Graph
typedef graph_traits< Graph >::vertex_descriptor Vertex
typedef graph_traits< Graph >::vertices_size_type size_type


 defineTypeNameAndDebug (SloanRenumber, 0)
 addToRunTimeSelectionTable (renumberMethod, SloanRenumber, dictionary)

Detailed Description

Original source file SloanRenumber.C

Adapted from Boost graph/example/sloan_ordering.cpp

Definition in file SloanRenumber.C.

Typedef Documentation

◆ Graph

typedef adjacency_list< setS, vecS, undirectedS, property < vertex_color_t, default_color_type, property < vertex_degree_t, Foam::label, property < vertex_priority_t, Foam::scalar > > >> Graph

Definition at line 70 of file SloanRenumber.C.

◆ Vertex

typedef graph_traits<Graph>::vertex_descriptor Vertex

Definition at line 72 of file SloanRenumber.C.

◆ size_type

typedef graph_traits<Graph>::vertices_size_type size_type

Definition at line 73 of file SloanRenumber.C.