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dummyMetisDecomp.C File Reference
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 Namespace for OpenFOAM.


 defineTypeNameAndDebug (metisDecomp, 0)
 addToRunTimeSelectionTable (decompositionMethod, metisDecomp, dictionary)


static const char * notImplementedMessage

Detailed Description

Original source file dummyMetisDecomp.C

Definition in file dummyMetisDecomp.C.

Variable Documentation

◆ notImplementedMessage

const char* notImplementedMessage
Initial value:
"You are trying to use metis but do not have the metisDecomp library loaded."
"\nThis message is from the dummy metisDecomp stub library instead.\n"
"Please install metis and make sure that is in your "
"The metisDecomp library can then be built from "
"$FOAM_SRC/parallel/decompose/metisDecomp and dynamically loading or linking"
" this library will add metis as a decomposition method.\n"
"Please be aware that there are license restrictions on using Metis."

Definition at line 30 of file dummyMetisDecomp.C.

Referenced by metisDecomp::decompose().