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doubleScalar.H File Reference
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 Namespace for OpenFOAM.


#define Scalar   doubleScalar
#define ScalarVGREAT   doubleScalarVGREAT
#define ScalarVSMALL   doubleScalarVSMALL
#define ScalarROOTVGREAT   doubleScalarROOTVGREAT
#define ScalarROOTVSMALL   doubleScalarROOTVSMALL
#define readScalar   readDoubleScalar
#define transFunc(func)


typedef double doubleScalar
 Double precision floating point scalar type. More...


bool readScalar (const char *buf, doubleScalar &s)
 Read whole of buf as a scalar. Return true if succesful. More...
doubleScalar mag (const doubleScalar s)
doubleScalar hypot (const doubleScalar x, const doubleScalar y)
doubleScalar atan2 (const doubleScalar y, const doubleScalar x)
doubleScalar jn (const int n, const doubleScalar s)
doubleScalar yn (const int n, const doubleScalar s)


static const doubleScalar doubleScalarGREAT = 1.0e+15
static const doubleScalar doubleScalarVGREAT = 1.0e+300
static const doubleScalar doubleScalarROOTVGREAT = 1.0e+150
static const doubleScalar doubleScalarSMALL = 1.0e-15
static const doubleScalar doubleScalarROOTSMALL = 3.0e-8
static const doubleScalar doubleScalarVSMALL = 1.0e-300
static const doubleScalar doubleScalarROOTVSMALL = 1.0e-150

Detailed Description

Original source file doubleScalar.H

Definition in file doubleScalar.H.

Macro Definition Documentation

◆ Scalar

#define Scalar   doubleScalar

Definition at line 71 of file doubleScalar.H.

◆ ScalarVGREAT

#define ScalarVGREAT   doubleScalarVGREAT

Definition at line 72 of file doubleScalar.H.

◆ ScalarVSMALL

#define ScalarVSMALL   doubleScalarVSMALL

Definition at line 73 of file doubleScalar.H.


#define ScalarROOTVGREAT   doubleScalarROOTVGREAT

Definition at line 74 of file doubleScalar.H.


#define ScalarROOTVSMALL   doubleScalarROOTVSMALL

Definition at line 75 of file doubleScalar.H.

◆ readScalar

#define readScalar   readDoubleScalar

Definition at line 76 of file doubleScalar.H.

◆ transFunc

#define transFunc (   func)
inline Scalar func(const Scalar s) \
{ \
#define Scalar
Definition: doubleScalar.H:71
gmvFile<< "tracers "<< particles.size()<< nl;forAllConstIter(Cloud< passiveParticle >, particles, iter){ gmvFile<< iter().position().x()<< " ";}gmvFile<< nl;forAllConstIter(Cloud< passiveParticle >, particles, iter){ gmvFile<< iter().position().y()<< " ";}gmvFile<< nl;forAllConstIter(Cloud< passiveParticle >, particles, iter){ gmvFile<< iter().position().z()<< " ";}gmvFile<< nl;forAll(lagrangianScalarNames, i){ word name=lagrangianScalarNames[i];IOField< scalar > s(IOobject(name, runTime.timeName(), cloud::prefix, mesh, IOobject::MUST_READ, IOobject::NO_WRITE))
void func(FieldField< Field, Type > &f, const FieldField< Field, Type > &f1, const FieldField< Field, Type > &f2)

Definition at line 83 of file doubleScalar.H.