string Member List

This is the complete list of members for string, including all inherited members.

count(const char) const string
expand(const bool allowEmpty=false)string
match(const std::string &) const stringinline
meta(const string &, const char quote='\\')stringinlinestatic
operator()(const size_type i, const size_type n) const stringinline
operator()(const size_type n) const stringinline
operator<<(Ostream &, const string &)stringfriend
operator>>(Istream &, string &)stringfriend
quotemeta(const string &, const char quote='\\')stringinlinestatic
quotemeta(const string &str, const char quote)stringinline
removeRepeated(const char)string
removeRepeated(const char) const string
removeTrailing(const char)string
removeTrailing(const char) const string
replace(const string &oldStr, const string &newStr, size_type start=0)string
replaceAll(const string &oldStr, const string &newStr, size_type start=0)string
string(const std::string &)stringinline
string(const char *)stringinline
string(const char *, const size_type)stringinline
string(const char)stringinline
string(Istream &)string
stripInvalid(string &)stringinlinestatic
valid(const string &)stringinlinestatic
validate(const string &)stringinlinestatic