mappedFvPatch Member List

This is the complete list of members for mappedFvPatch, including all inherited members.

BoundaryMesh typedeffvPatch
boundaryMesh() const fvPatchinline
Cf() const fvPatch
Cn() const fvPatch
constraintType(const word &pt)fvPatchstatic
coupled() const fvPatchinlinevirtual
declareRunTimeSelectionTable(autoPtr, fvPatch, polyPatch,(const polyPatch &patch, const fvBoundaryMesh &bm),(patch, bm))fvPatch
delta() const fvPatchvirtual
deltaCoeffs() const fvPatch
faceCells() const fvPatchvirtual
fvPatch(const polyPatch &, const fvBoundaryMesh &)fvPatch
index() const fvPatchinline
lookupPatchField(const word &name, const GeometricField *=NULL, const Type *=NULL) const fvPatch
magSf() const fvPatch
makeWeights(scalarField &) const fvPatchprotectedvirtual
mappedFvPatch(const polyPatch &patch, const fvBoundaryMesh &bm)mappedFvPatchinline
name() const fvPatchinline
New(const polyPatch &, const fvBoundaryMesh &)fvPatchstatic
nf() const fvPatch
patch() const fvPatchinline
patchField(const GeometricField &) const fvPatch
patchInternalField(const UList< Type > &) const fvPatch
patchInternalField(const UList< Type > &, Field< Type > &) const fvPatch
patchInternalField(const UList< Type > &f) const fvPatch
patchSlice(const List< T > &l) const fvPatchinline
Sf() const fvPatch
size() const fvPatchinlinevirtual
start() const fvPatchinline
weights() const fvPatch