ITstream Member List

This is the complete list of members for ITstream, including all inherited members.

append(const T &)List< T >inline
append(const UList< T > &)List< T >inline
append(const UIndirectList< T > &)List< T >inline
ASCII enum valueIOstream
bad() const IOstreaminline
begin()UList< T >inline
begin() const UList< T >inline
BINARY enum valueIOstream
byteSize() const UList< T >
cbegin() const UList< T >inline
cdata() const UList< T >inline
cend() const UList< T >inline
check(const char *operation) const IOstreamvirtual
checkIndex(const label i) const UList< T >inline
checkSize(const label size) const UList< T >inline
checkStart(const label start) const UList< T >inline
clear()List< T >
clone() const List< T >inline
CLOSED enum valueIOstream
closed() const IOstreaminline
COMPRESSED enum valueIOstream
compression() const IOstreaminline
compression(const compressionType cmp)IOstreaminline
compression(const word &cmp)IOstreaminline
compressionEnum(const word &)IOstreamstatic
compressionType enum nameIOstream
const_iterator typedefUList< T >
const_reference typedefUList< T >
const_reverse_iterator typedefUList< T >
crbegin() const UList< T >inline
crend() const UList< T >inline
data()UList< T >inline
deepCopy(const UList< T > &)UList< T >
defaultPrecision(unsigned int p)IOstreaminlinestatic
difference_type typedefUList< T >
empty() const UList< T >inline
end()UList< T >inline
end() const UList< T >inline
eof() const IOstreaminline
fail() const IOstreaminline
fatalCheck(const char *operation) const IOstream
fcIndex(const label i) const UList< T >inline
first()UList< T >inline
first() const UList< T >inline
flags() const ITstreaminlinevirtual
flags(const ios_base::fmtflags)ITstreaminlinevirtual
format() const IOstreaminline
format(const streamFormat fmt)IOstreaminline
format(const word &fmt)IOstreaminline
formatEnum(const word &)IOstreamstatic
getBack(token &)Istream
good() const IOstreaminline
info() const IOstreaminline
IOstream(streamFormat format, versionNumber version, compressionType compression=UNCOMPRESSED)IOstreaminline
Istream(streamFormat format=ASCII, versionNumber version=currentVersion, compressionType compression=UNCOMPRESSED)Istreaminline
iterator typedefUList< T >
ITstream(const string &name, const UList< token > &tokens, streamFormat format=ASCII, versionNumber version=currentVersion)ITstreaminline
ITstream(const string &name, const Xfer< List< token >> &tokens, streamFormat format=ASCII, versionNumber version=currentVersion)ITstreaminline
ITstream(const ITstream &its)ITstreaminline
last()UList< T >inline
last() const UList< T >inline
lineNumber() const IOstreaminline
lineNumber(const label ln)IOstreaminline
List()List< T >inline
List(const label)List< T >explicit
List(const label, const T &)List< T >
List(const label, const zero)List< T >
List(const List< T > &)List< T >
List(const Xfer< List< T >> &)List< T >
List(List< T > &, bool reuse)List< T >
List(const UList< T > &, const labelUList &mapAddressing)List< T >
List(const FixedList< T, Size > &)List< T >explicit
List(const PtrList< T > &)List< T >explicit
List(const SLList< T > &)List< T >explicit
List(const UIndirectList< T > &)List< T >explicit
List(const BiIndirectList< T > &)List< T >explicit
List(Istream &)List< T >
max_size() const UList< T >inline
name() const ITstreaminlinevirtual
newElmt(const label)List< T >inline
nRemainingTokens() const ITstreaminline
null()List< T >inlinestatic
OPENED enum valueIOstream
opened() const IOstreaminline
operator const Foam::List< T > &() const UList< T >inline
operator void *() const IOstreaminline
operator!() const IOstreaminline
operator!=(const UList< T > &) const UList< T >
operator()() const Istream
operator<(const UList< T > &) const UList< T >
operator<=(const UList< T > &) const UList< T >
operator=(const UList< T > &)List< T >
operator=(const List< T > &)List< T >
operator=(const SLList< T > &)List< T >
operator=(const UIndirectList< T > &)List< T >
operator=(const BiIndirectList< T > &)List< T >
operator=(const T &)List< T >inline
operator=(const zero)List< T >inline
operator==(const UList< T > &) const UList< T >
operator>(const UList< T > &) const UList< T >
operator>=(const UList< T > &) const UList< T >
operator[](const label)UList< T >inline
operator[](const label) const UList< T >inline
operator[](const label i) constUList< T >inline
peekBack(token &)Istream
print(Ostream &) const ITstreamvirtual
Foam::Istream::print(Ostream &, const int streamState) const IOstream
putBack(const token &)Istream
rbegin()UList< T >inline
rbegin() const UList< T >inline
rcIndex(const label i) const UList< T >inline
read(token &)ITstreamvirtual
read(char &)ITstreamvirtual
read(word &)ITstreamvirtual
read(string &)ITstreamvirtual
read(label &)ITstreamvirtual
read(floatScalar &)ITstreamvirtual
read(doubleScalar &)ITstreamvirtual
read(char *, std::streamsize)ITstreamvirtual
readBegin(const char *funcName)Istream
readBeginList(const char *funcName)Istream
readEnd(const char *funcName)Istream
readEndBegin(const char *funcName)Istream
readEndList(const char *funcName)Istream
reference typedefUList< T >
rend()UList< T >inline
rend() const UList< T >inline
resize(const label)List< T >inline
resize(const label, const T &)List< T >inline
reverse_iterator typedefUList< T >
setf(const ios_base::fmtflags f)IOstreaminline
setf(const ios_base::fmtflags f, const ios_base::fmtflags mask)IOstreaminline
setSize(const label)List< T >
setSize(const label, const T &)List< T >
setState(ios_base::iostate state)IOstreaminlineprotected
shallowCopy(const UList< T > &)=deleteList< T >
size(const label)List< T >inlineprotected
size() const List< T >inline
size_type typedefUList< T >
streamAccess enum nameIOstream
streamFormat enum nameIOstream
subList typedefList< T >
swap(UList< T > &)UList< T >
tokenIndex() const ITstreaminline
transfer(List< T > &)List< T >
transfer(DynamicList< T, SizeInc, SizeMult, SizeDiv > &)List< T >
transfer(SortableList< T > &)List< T >
UList()UList< T >inline
UList(T *__restrict__ v, label size)UList< T >inline
UNCOMPRESSED enum valueIOstream
unsetf(const ios_base::fmtflags uf)IOstreaminline
value_type typedefUList< T >
version() const IOstreaminline
version(const versionNumber ver)IOstreaminline
writeEntry(Ostream &) const UList< T >
writeEntry(const word &keyword, Ostream &) const UList< T >
xfer()List< T >inline
~List()List< T >