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Scalar.H File Reference
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class  pTraits< Scalar >


 Namespace for OpenFOAM.


word name (const Scalar)
 Return a string representation of a Scalar. More...
ScalarsetComponent (Scalar &s, const direction)
Scalar component (const Scalar s, const direction)
Scalar sign (const Scalar s)
Scalar pos (const Scalar s)
Scalar neg (const Scalar s)
Scalar posPart (const Scalar s)
 Return the positive part of s. More...
Scalar negPart (const Scalar s)
 Return the negative part of s. More...
bool equal (const Scalar &s1, const Scalar &s2)
bool notEqual (const Scalar s1, const Scalar s2)
Scalar limit (const Scalar s1, const Scalar s2)
Scalar minMod (const Scalar s1, const Scalar s2)
Scalar magSqr (const Scalar s)
Scalar sqr (const Scalar s)
Scalar sqrtSumSqr (const Scalar a, const Scalar b)
Scalar pow3 (const Scalar s)
Scalar pow4 (const Scalar s)
Scalar pow5 (const Scalar s)
Scalar pow6 (const Scalar s)
Scalar pow025 (const Scalar s)
Scalar inv (const Scalar s)
Scalar dot (const Scalar s1, const Scalar s2)
Scalar cmptMultiply (const Scalar s1, const Scalar s2)
Scalar cmptPow (const Scalar s1, const Scalar s2)
Scalar cmptDivide (const Scalar s1, const Scalar s2)
Scalar cmptMax (const Scalar s)
Scalar cmptMin (const Scalar s)
Scalar cmptAv (const Scalar s)
Scalar cmptMag (const Scalar s)
 transFunc (sqrt) transFunc(cbrt) transFunc(exp) transFunc(log) transFunc(log10) transFunc(sin) transFunc(cos) transFunc(tan) transFunc(asin) transFunc(acos) transFunc(atan) transFunc(sinh) transFunc(cosh) transFunc(tanh) transFunc(asinh) transFunc(acosh) transFunc(atanh) transFunc(erf) transFunc(erfc) transFunc(lgamma) transFunc(j0) transFunc(j1) transFunc(y0) transFunc(y1) inline Scalar stabilise(const Scalar s
Istream & operator>> (Istream &is, Scalar &s)
Ostream & operator<< (Ostream &os, const Scalar s)


const Scalar small

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Original source file Scalar.H

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