Foam::constant::thermodynamic Namespace Reference

Thermodynamic scalar constants. More...


const scalar & RR = physicoChemical::RR.value()
 Universal gas constant (default in [J/kmol/K]) More...
const scalar & Pstd = standard::Pstd.value()
 Standard pressure (default in [Pa]) More...
const scalar & Tstd = standard::Tstd.value()
 Standard temperature (default in [K]) More...

Detailed Description

Thermodynamic scalar constants.

Variable Documentation

◆ RR

const scalar & RR = physicoChemical::RR.value()

Universal gas constant (default in [J/kmol/K])

Definition at line 40 of file thermodynamicConstants.C.

◆ Pstd

const scalar & Pstd = standard::Pstd.value()

Standard pressure (default in [Pa])

Definition at line 41 of file thermodynamicConstants.C.

◆ Tstd

const scalar & Tstd = standard::Tstd.value()

Standard temperature (default in [K])

Definition at line 42 of file thermodynamicConstants.C.