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 if (nVar >=Num_variables - nSprayVariables)
typeIOobject< volTensorField > fieldObjectPtr (fieldNames[var2field[nVar]],, mesh, IOobject::NO_READ)
 if (!fieldObjectPtr.headerOk())
IOobject fieldObject (fieldNames[var2field[nVar]],, mesh, IOobject::MUST_READ, IOobject::NO_WRITE)
volTensorField tf (fieldObject, mesh)
 if (which_type==Z_HEX08)


const cellShapeList & cellShapes = meshPtr->cellShapes()

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◆ if() [1/3]

if ( nVar >=Num_variables nSprayVariables)

Definition at line 1 of file getFieldTensor.H.

◆ fieldObjectPtr()

typeIOobject<volTensorField> fieldObjectPtr ( fieldNames [var2field[nVar],
runTime.  name(),
mesh  ,

◆ if() [2/3]

if ( !fieldObjectPtr.  headerOk())

Definition at line 15 of file getFieldTensor.H.

◆ fieldObject()

IOobject fieldObject ( fieldNames [var2field[nVar],
runTime.  name(),
mesh  ,
IOobject::MUST_READ  ,

◆ tf()

volTensorField tf ( fieldObject  ,

◆ if() [3/3]

if ( which_type  = = Z_HEX08)

Definition at line 38 of file getFieldTensor.H.

References cellShapes, Foam::hex(), and n.

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◆ cellShapes

const cellShapeList& cellShapes = meshPtr->cellShapes()

Definition at line 35 of file getFieldTensor.H.

Referenced by if().