treeDataPrimitivePatch< PatchType >::findAllIntersectOp Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 findAllIntersectOp (const indexedOctree< treeDataPrimitivePatch > &tree, DynamicList< label > &shapeMask)
bool operator() (const label index, const point &start, const point &end, point &intersectionPoint) const
 Calculate intersection of unique face with ray. Sets result. More...

Detailed Description

template<class PatchType>
class Foam::treeDataPrimitivePatch< PatchType >::findAllIntersectOp

Definition at line 145 of file treeDataPrimitivePatch.H.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ findAllIntersectOp()

findAllIntersectOp ( const indexedOctree< treeDataPrimitivePatch > &  tree,
DynamicList< label > &  shapeMask 

Definition at line 109 of file treeDataPrimitivePatch.C.

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator()()

bool operator() ( const label  index,
const point start,
const point end,
point intersectionPoint 
) const

Calculate intersection of unique face with ray. Sets result.

accordingly. Used to find all faces.

Definition at line 558 of file treeDataPrimitivePatch.C.

References Foam::findIndex(), and treeDataPrimitivePatch< PatchType >::findIntersection().

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