snappyRefineDriver Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 ClassName ("snappyRefineDriver")
 Runtime type information. More...
 snappyRefineDriver (meshRefinement &meshRefiner, decompositionMethod &decomposer, fvMeshDistribute &distributor, const labelList &globalToMasterPatch, const labelList &globalToSlavePatch)
 Construct from components. More...
 snappyRefineDriver (const snappyRefineDriver &)=delete
 Disallow default bitwise copy construction. More...
void doRefine (const dictionary &refineDict, const refinementParameters &refineParams, const snapParameters &snapParams, const bool prepareForSnapping, const dictionary &motionDict)
 Do all the refinement. More...
void operator= (const snappyRefineDriver &)=delete
 Disallow default bitwise assignment. More...

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

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snappyRefineDriver ( meshRefinement meshRefiner,
decompositionMethod decomposer,
fvMeshDistribute distributor,
const labelList globalToMasterPatch,
const labelList globalToSlavePatch 

Construct from components.

Definition at line 54 of file snappyRefineDriver.C.

◆ snappyRefineDriver() [2/2]

snappyRefineDriver ( const snappyRefineDriver )

Disallow default bitwise copy construction.

Member Function Documentation

◆ ClassName()

ClassName ( "snappyRefineDriver"  )

Runtime type information.

◆ doRefine()

void doRefine ( const dictionary refineDict,
const refinementParameters refineParams,
const snapParameters snapParams,
const bool  prepareForSnapping,
const dictionary motionDict 

Do all the refinement.

Definition at line 1131 of file snappyRefineDriver.C.

References Foam::endl(), refinementParameters::findCells(), Foam::Info, primitiveMesh::nCells(), Foam::nl, and UPstream::parRun().

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◆ operator=()

void operator= ( const snappyRefineDriver )

Disallow default bitwise assignment.

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