USERD_structured_data.H File Reference

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int USERD_get_block_vector_values_by_component (int block_number, int which_vector, int which_component, float *vector_array)
int USERD_get_block_coords_by_component (int block_number, int which_component, float *coord_array)
int USERD_get_block_iblanking (int block_number, int *iblank_array)
int USERD_get_block_scalar_values (int block_number, int which_scalar, float *scalar_array)
int USERD_get_ghosts_in_model_flag (void)
int USERD_get_ghosts_in_block_flag (int block_number)
int USERD_get_block_ghost_flags (int block_number, int *ghost_flags)

Function Documentation

◆ USERD_get_block_vector_values_by_component()

int USERD_get_block_vector_values_by_component ( int  block_number,
int  which_vector,
int  which_component,
float *  vector_array 

Definition at line 1 of file USERD_structured_data.H.

◆ USERD_get_block_coords_by_component()

int USERD_get_block_coords_by_component ( int  block_number,
int  which_component,
float *  coord_array 

Definition at line 12 of file USERD_structured_data.H.

◆ USERD_get_block_iblanking()

int USERD_get_block_iblanking ( int  block_number,
int *  iblank_array 

Definition at line 23 of file USERD_structured_data.H.

◆ USERD_get_block_scalar_values()

int USERD_get_block_scalar_values ( int  block_number,
int  which_scalar,
float *  scalar_array 

Definition at line 32 of file USERD_structured_data.H.

◆ USERD_get_ghosts_in_model_flag()

int USERD_get_ghosts_in_model_flag ( void  )

Definition at line 41 of file USERD_structured_data.H.

◆ USERD_get_ghosts_in_block_flag()

int USERD_get_ghosts_in_block_flag ( int  block_number)

Definition at line 46 of file USERD_structured_data.H.

◆ USERD_get_block_ghost_flags()

int USERD_get_block_ghost_flags ( int  block_number,
int *  ghost_flags 

Definition at line 54 of file USERD_structured_data.H.