foamDictionary.C File Reference

Interrogates and manipulates dictionaries. More...

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Detailed Description

Interrogates and manipulates dictionaries.

Original source file foamDictionary.C

Supports parallel operation for decomposed dictionary files associated with a case. These may be mesh or field files or any other decomposed dictionaries.

foamDictionary [OPTION] dictionary
-case <dir>
Select a case directory instead of the current working directory
  • -parallel
    Specify case as a parallel job
  • -doc
    Display the documentation in browser
  • -srcDoc
    Display the source documentation in browser
  • -help
    Print the usage
  • -entry <name>
    Selects an entry
  • -keywords <name>
    Prints the keywords (of the selected entry or of the top level if no entry was selected
  • -add <value>
    Adds the entry (should not exist yet)
  • -set <value>
    Adds or replaces the entry selected by -entry
  • -set <substitutions>
    Applies the list of substitutions
  • -merge <value>
    Merges the entry
  • -dict
    Set, add or merge entry from a dictionary
  • -remove
    Remove the selected entry
  • -diff <dictionary>
    Write differences with respect to the specified dictionary (or sub entry if -entry specified)
  • -expand
    Read the specified dictionary file, expand the macros etc. and write the resulting dictionary to standard output.
  • -includes
    List the #include and #includeIfPresent files to standard output
    Example usage:
  • Change simulation to run for one timestep only:
          foamDictionary system/controlDict -entry stopAt -set writeNow
  • Change solver:
           foamDictionary system/fvSolution -entry solvers/p/solver -set PCG
  • Print bc type:
           foamDictionary 0/U -entry boundaryField/movingWall/type
  • Change bc parameter:
           foamDictionary 0/U -entry boundaryField/movingWall/value \
             -set "uniform (2 0 0)"
  • Change bc parameter in parallel:
           mpirun -np 4 foamDictionary 0.5/U \
             -entry boundaryField/movingWall/value \
             -set "uniform (2 0 0)" -parallel
  • Change whole bc type:
          foamDictionary 0/U -entry boundaryField/movingWall \
            -set "{type uniformFixedValue; uniformValue (2 0 0);}"
  • Write the differences with respect to a template dictionary:
          foamDictionary 0/U -diff $FOAM_ETC/templates/closedVolume/0/U
  • Write the differences in boundaryField with respect to a template dictionary:
          foamDictionary 0/U -diff $FOAM_ETC/templates/closedVolume/0/U \
            -entry boundaryField
  • Change patch type:
          foamDictionary constant/polyMesh/boundary \
            -entry entry0/fixedWalls/type -set patch
    This uses special parsing of Lists which stores these in the dictionary with keyword 'entryDDD' where DDD is the position in the dictionary (after ignoring the FoamFile entry).
  • Substitute multiple entries:
          foamDictionary system/controlDict -set "startTime=2000, endTime=3000"

Definition in file foamDictionary.C.