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1 Info<< "\nConstructing surface film model" << endl;
3 SLGThermo slgThermo(mesh, mixture.thermo1());
4 autoPtr<regionModels::surfaceFilmModel> tsurfaceFilm
5 (
7 );
SLGThermo slgThermo(mesh, thermo)
Ostream & endl(Ostream &os)
Add newline and flush stream.
Definition: Ostream.H:251
dynamicFvMesh & mesh
autoPtr< BasicCompressibleMomentumTransportModel > New(const volScalarField &rho, const volVectorField &U, const surfaceScalarField &phi, const typename BasicCompressibleMomentumTransportModel::transportModel &transport)
Info<< "\Constructing surface film model"<< endl;autoPtr< regionModels::surfaceFilmModel > tsurfaceFilm(regionModels::surfaceFilmModel::New(mesh, g))
messageStream Info
phaseChangeTwoPhaseMixture & mixture
Definition: createFields.H:38
const dimensionedVector & g